abnormalities in a sentence

Example sentences for abnormalities

The telomeres act as caps that stop chromosomes deteriorating, or fusing with other chromosomes to cause abnormalities.
Wild frogs collected from areas with atrazine showed the same number of abnormalities.
Regular physical activity can help control blood lipid abnormalities, diabetes and obesity.
According to researchers dyscalculia is inherited, and specific abnormalities in the brain might be a cause.
Neurotransmitter abnormalities have long been a focus of autism research.
There is also intriguing evidence of abnormalities in the immune system.
It develops diagnostic technologies able to find smaller and smaller abnormalities.
Abnormal results mean there is an abnormalities in the size, shape, coloring or coating of the red blood cells.
Similarly, language abnormalities are more common in relatives of autistic children.
Cerebral palsy is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain.
In addition, abnormalities in glucose metabolism and insulin levels in the brain itself may be harmful.
The health care provider will not usually find any abnormalities, unless you also have peripheral nerve disease.
Colposcopy may be used to keep track of precancerous cells and look for abnormalities that come back after treatment.
Crying behavior and sounds may also be useful in diagnosing abnormalities in infants.
Your health care provider will determine abnormalities based on the scan findings.
Some patients develop skin and nail abnormalities that the doctor can see during an examination.
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