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Abnormal gait may be caused by diseases in many different areas of the body.
With the latest grants, researchers will sequence abnormal genes that may help cause cancer and other common diseases.
There's nothing abnormal about the recession's causes.
Then researchers spot something abnormal in your head.
If seeds germinated,the kids were to report any normal or abnormal growth due to mutations from radiation and/or lack of gravity.
Lastly, they can check to see if the individuals involved share an abnormal variant of that gene.
But there is an abnormal weak spot in the planet's magnetic field at that point.
Some blood stem cells can develop into abnormal versions, although the immune system usually stamps them out.
Dystonias are abnormal involuntary muscle tone and movements in groups of muscles.
Urine of an abnormal color appears different from the usual straw-yellow color.
If sarcoidosis affects the liver, then liver function could become abnormal.
If you think your doctor will automatically tell you if you have an abnormal test result, think again.
To find abnormal tissue in mammograms, radiologists have increasingly relied on computers to spot the potential tumors.
The fire-started clouds are abnormal in other ways too.
Then they look over the data for signs of abnormal sleep or frequent wake-ups.
These scientists in physics field are really mad, no wonder they do abnormal stuff.
All seizures are caused by abnormal electrical disturbances in the brain.
The abnormal gene dominates the outcome of the gene pair.
Cervical dysplasia refers to abnormal changes in the cells on the surface of the cervix that are seen underneath a microscope.
If this system is overwhelmed with adrenaline, the heart can go into abnormal rhythms that are not compatible with life.
And similar abnormal responses have been found in adult monkeys reared by their mothers under stressful conditions.
Primary amyloidosis is a disorder in which abnormal proteins build up in tissues and organs.
Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells.
It was as if everyone sought out the edges here, in a society that offers no center and nothing seemed abnormal but normality.
The nation which means to live in peace necessarily foregoes, it is said, these valuable opportunities of abnormal activity.
As a result, heightened sensitivity and abnormal pain sensations occur in the surrounding skin.
The resulting scar tissue blocks the abnormal flow of electrical signals that can cause irregular heartbeats.
But you have to go pretty far afield to find something people would call abnormal these days.
Is slightly shy and retiring but not to any abnormal extent.
The impression undoubtedly made on me was that of an excess of tension, and of an abnormal life.
By all accounts, this is not an abnormal occurrence and usually ends with the small boat being turned away.
Obese people are not abnormal, they do have a disease.
Jaundice and abnormal blood chemistry problems later emerged.
He was treated for an abnormal heart rhythm and released after three days.
He has yet to show his ability to catch in traffic, but dropped an abnormal amount of short throws on day one.
But in some instances the abnormal placenta goes beyond covering the cervix.
Acute myeloid leukemia occurs when the body develops an abnormal amount of undeveloped white blood cells.
And if there is enough abnormal growth, it may form scar tissue or even punch a hole in the thin, lacy surface of the lung.
My thyroid is abnormal and is being checked regularly.
For example, it is used to treat cervical dystonia, to decrease abnormal head position and reduce neck pain.
The abnormal human camp seems to be on shaky ground.
New research found that an abnormal intense monsoon precipitation is to blame for the existence of the snow in the first place.
In the past, routine use of excess oxygen to treat premature babies stimulated abnormal vessel growth.

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