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Example sentences for ablaze

But the first cause of the fire, is you lighting it, you setting it ablaze.
And, in a paradox of ice and fire, sunlight can make ice-bound foliage appear ablaze.
Some said he was fond of pouring gunpowder into his rum and setting it ablaze before downing it.
Ablaze and riddled, she backed off the beach, carrying a cargo of dead and wounded.
All the heights are ablaze with them, as far as the eye can see.
In times of war, the same approach is said to have been used to set enemy ships ablaze.
Four-meter-high walls of water charged through coastal cities, sweeping away cars and houses, and setting factories ablaze.
As minutes went bye the color red appeared as if the horizon was ablaze.
The bomb calorimeter sent electricity through the wire on the pellet, creating a spark that set the pellet ablaze.
He's not ablaze with indignation or much of anything else.
Her hair was piled on her head, so unnaturally blonde it looked ablaze, and her face was bronze.
After a half a week negotiating with the prisoners, the police burst into the jail with guns ablaze.
Someone is going around breaking into movie vaults and setting precious tins of rare film ablaze.
In the fall, the summer crowds have gone home and the countryside is ablaze with harvest color.
Though the overall area now ablaze has shrunk, the number of individual fires has actually risen today.
Even with billions of these behemoths ablaze, the universe remained immersed in darkness.
The blogosphere is ablaze with news that they seem to have detected neutrinos traveling faster than light.
The tear gas canisters set several cars ablaze outside the mosque.
Pieces of tree limbs and siding from houses all ablaze were flying overhead and dropping in the bay.
Within hours, buildings were ablaze and civilians were dead.

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The day of fire is coming, the thrush will fly ablaze like a little sky rocket....... more
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