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Example sentences for abetted

The rise of information theory aided and abetted a new view of life.
All of this is aided and abetted by the fact that pricing in higher education is completely bizarre.
Secondly, to the extent that there was a government role, they abetted it--they didn't try to stop it.
In my view, media dominance has been powerfully abetted by two major trends of the past decade.
What had not been predicted was the extent to which it would be abetted by espionage.
He also explores the extent to which they were abetted by outsiders.
Are accessories to the crime and who aided and abetted the wrongdoers also in used.
His knack for dominating the centre-ground has been abetted by a self-destructive opposition.
They were abetted by big northern urban political machines.
The only exception was when the crime was fraud and was said to have been abetted by the crooks' good looks.
Some argue that the stream of violence is abetted by lax or nonexistent gun laws.

Famous quotes containing the word abetted

Till now, society has protected the adult and blamed the victim. It has been abetted in its blindness by th... more
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