abet in a sentence

Example sentences for abet

Digital cameras abet the photographic equivalent of stream of consciousness.
And you that do abet him in this kind.
It is a federal violation to aide and abet or harbor a fugitive and could face federal charges for doing so.
The point of protections is not to aid and abet criminals it is to protect the innocent from abuse.
The government needs to make clear that it will no longer abet or condone this behavior.
Governments around the world are losing patience with tax evaders and the banks and countries that abet them.
Myspace and other sites where wrongdoing occurs are no intentionally designed to abet criminal activity.
It would also help you if the dean is willing to accept or abet some gradual staff turnover.
The most important issue is whether we will ever abet cheating.
Except saying that someone should not have the freedom to share their opinion; abet a bit radical is hypocrisy.
At the same time, the local population included some people who were willing to aid and abet the drug dealers.
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