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Example sentences for abdicate

We live in a society that encourages us to abdicate responsibility.
Kings may die or abdicate.
However, there is no serious sign the erratic leader might abdicate.
Many people can fall hard when a few abdicate their responsibility as leaders.
Having tenure shouldn't be a license to abdicate responsiblity as a mentor- it's part of the job description.
After two years of uneasy coexistence, he was forced to abdicate.
There's speculation the current queen will abdicate this year or next and he would become king, if he survives that long.
Dictators do not abdicate voluntarily.
He's a strong leader -- he doesn't abdicate, but he involves people.
If we choose to abdicate our leadership, consequences are dire.
The people of the state do not wish to abdicate their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them.
There is an unacceptable alternative: to abdicate and do nothing.
Those that choose to abdicate their oaths of office can do great harm.

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