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Example sentences for abate

Another feature is that these great storms to not necessarily abate as they come inland.
She hopes the backlash will abate soon.
Acid rain began to abate when pollution contributing to it was limited.
While the heat will abate eventually, don't count on much relief from rising energy bills.
That conclusion counters fears that the most important part of the economy, consumer spending, will soon abate.
Order the employer to take affirmative action to abate the reprisal.
Meanwhile, the debate over this and similar cases will not abate.
If the music industry drops their prices, pirates will abate.
Forecasters said the storm would be slow to abate even as it moved inland.
His passion for sports didn't abate.
My anxiety soon began to abate.
The agony may have begun to abate, but there is no hint yet of ecstasy.
Demand for energy will not abate in the medium term.
Appel is confident that new ozone scrubbers and other equipment will abate the odors.
But as the rains abate and fertile land shrivels up, locusts crowd together in the remaining green patches.
The damage will surely get worse before it begins to abate.
Alas, their lack of interest did nothing to abate my own.
In the months that followed, the controversy would not abate.

Famous quotes containing the word abate

The enjoyment of sex, although great Is in later years said to abate. This well may be so, But how would I ... more
A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction ... do not all men try to abate the price of all the... more
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