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Example sentences for abandonment

In this slow-moving river port, signs of abandonment are everywhere.
Whether this presages an abandonment of the referendum, an election or a new national government remained unclear.
Another step on the politicization of academia and abandonment of the scientific value of skepticism in the pursuit of knowledge.
The result was widespread failure and an abandonment of the genre in favour of reality television.
Forgiveness does not imply abandonment of consequences.
McDonald's crime, if there was one, was her temporary abandonment of musical theater for television.
The abandonment event had the feel of a county fair.
Including victims of bigotry, poverty, abandonment and political oppression.
Still, adoption experts said there would seem to be a strong case for criminal or civil charges of abandonment or neglect.
There has been nothing to signal a transformation in the sea of blight and abandonment that still defines much of the city.
What began as downsizing went on to wholesale abandonment.
He did give up on it when confronted with data from the microwave background, but it was an anguished abandonment.
In this particular case the retractation does not amount to a complete abandonment of the earlier point of view.
His biggest struggles were his feelings of abandonment.
The village itself has an eerie, haunted feel of abandonment.
At this point, the agency can dispose of the property through abandonment and destruction procedures or through recycling.
The abandonment of lawful permanent resident status is irrevocable.

Famous quotes containing the word abandonment

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