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Dozens of reactor construction projects abandoned with ratepayers left to pick up the tab.
The authors provide compelling arguments for saving the abandoned generation of college students.
After several summers in those sun-drenched hills, I forked over my savings and bought an abandoned house.
With no research funding for 8 years, I've abandoned mathematical studies.
But while they may not be investing in the companies themselves, venture capitalists haven't completely abandoned stem-cell work.
Even coins have returned to circulation after being abandoned in 2002.
Attempts at remaining levelheaded were abandoned months ago.
The city is dotted with motionless construction cranes poised over the pits of abandoned projects.
The motorized sledges broke down and had to be abandoned.
It looked like the old village had only been abandoned for 30 years or so.
Scores of countries have now abandoned capital punishment.
Along a service road abutting the motorway on high ground, you see four abandoned houses.
They then looked to see whether there was anything in the abandoned hives that was not found elsewhere.
Mechanised farming schemes that grow staples have often ended with abandoned machinery rusting in the returning bush.
Two storeys have been removed, and an abandoned digger now sits on top of the partly dismantled tower.
His remarks were unscripted and gave no indication he wanted nuclear energy to be abandoned altogether.
Older streets are gap-toothed where wreckers have removed abandoned houses.
Because of this, the government abandoned the mission.
But locals complain that the real figure has doubled in the past few years, as farmers have abandoned their land.
Some composed careful tableaux of empty clothing and abandoned dinners.
Liquidity instantly drained from securities firms as clients abandoned anything with a whiff of risk.
Some complain that the inflation target has simply been abandoned.
Turbines were run at full capacity until they broke, then were abandoned.
The world's largest iron ore miner won't happily allow this new system to be abandoned almost immediately.
Prematurely abandoned, the degraded forest then falls to illegal loggers or it is cleared for agriculture, often by fire.
The stormier the night, the more certain is the police nursery to echo with the feeble cries of abandoned babes.
So freely is it used, indeed, that the simple negative appears to be almost abandoned.
Frigid temperatures caused many of the events planned for the second inauguration to be abandoned.
For many years past he has nearly abandoned his rhymes.
The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes.
They of the town, being not above nine households, presently fled away and abandoned the town.
He abandoned the artificial emotions of heroic personages in favour of the joys and sorrows of ordinary human life.
The oxen were so weak that the effort to bring on the carts had to be abandoned.
It cannot be limited, abandoned, shared or destroyed.
Often the idea of using a game is abandoned because of limits of time, space and money.
Maybe your first, abandoned website is jostling up against the conference paper you presented.
There are a fair number of students who cruise around looking for digital work that has been abandoned in computer labs.
But he says he hasn't abandoned the idea of holding a senior administrative position.
There are also questions about paradigm--failed approaches should be abandoned, even if they are supported by powerful unions.
We were herded into an abandoned bicycle factory, and attached was a time bomb.
Finally, he remembered his parents hadn't dragged him to abandoned forts, but had bought him a bike and turned him loose.
Though accompanied by days of abandoned revelry, the colorful festival is fraught with bitter rivalries.
Entire villages were turned into fortresses and others were abandoned altogether.
Over the next few years, she pestered the timber baron so relentlessly that he abandoned the area.
While investigating an abandoned munitions depot, they found it stuffed with police records.
And, once again, critics insist that the entire project is a costly boondoggle and should be abandoned.
Humans have mostly abandoned the grooming strategies of our chimp cousins.
Your bland slides more resembled an abandoned auto plant than the scene of a nuclear disaster.
But the area was abandoned until six months ago, when a local farmer came upon bones eroding out of the ground.
If evolution were falsifiable, as you claim, it would have been abandoned many times over by now.
Another tracked pair abandoned their home range during construction of the barrier in their area.
The likely suspect sits directly over the cave--a long-abandoned electric manufacturing plant.
Researchers maintaining stem cell lines will lose precious weeks as experiments are abandoned.
To protect its soft abdomen, each crab carries its house around, usually an abandoned gastropod shell.
Abandoned mental asylums are treasure-troves for adventurous photographers, curious historians, and well-traveled urban explorers.
Abandoned mines found new purpose for mushroom growing, as bomb shelters and as sites for special events.
Rail yards were abandoned, piers rotted, factories closed.
The floors of this house are strewn with the detritus of lives let go, ankle-deep with abandoned possessions.
The five crewmen's boots, kicked off in haste as they abandoned ship, were found on the deck.
After the number four reactor exploded, entire communities were abandoned and hundreds of thousands of people relocated.
The eggs of other fish are abandoned immediately after fertilization.
Skunks usually nest in burrows constructed by other animals, but they also live in hollow logs or even abandoned buildings.
When tests showed that humans would react to the modified soybeans, the project was abandoned.
From grain silos to abandoned hospitals, this gallery of short, stylish videos takes you on some surprising urban adventures.
They can also target consumers with the items from a shopping cart that's been abandoned.
In the end, the software publishers gave in and abandoned copy protection.
Sometimes, when nothing else is going on, they will go out and pull up old abandoned cables.
Residents in towns along drug trafficking routes have been forced out by cartels, leaving them abandoned.
The same day the search was abandoned, another survivor died of his injuries.
Dysfunctional public spaces inhibit pride and make a community feel abandoned.
Then the aliens show up, and all token stabs at background and motivation are quickly abandoned.
It winds through countryside abandoned long ago in favor of easier accessibility.
But then they abandoned this process stating that there would not be such large demand for silicon.
Offices were being cleaned out, desks and file cabinets either missing or abandoned, boxes of equipment stacked in the halls.
Ironically, the victory comes when the computer-chess community has long abandoned any pretense of mimicking human thought.
Robotic exploration has much to recommend it, and certainly shouldn't be abandoned.
People certainly used to behave during eclipses as if they were being abandoned by their gods.
Rocket bodies represent about a fifth of cataloged space junk, abandoned satellites another fifth.
There are many old abandoned tin mines all over the place and some of these cause land to collapse unexpectedly.
Only in the vertebrates have these cells abandoned their old roles, which were taken up by the ciliary cells.
Burbidge was a proponent of his alternative cosmology, long after the vast majority of people in the field abandoned it.
The industry is so fixated on high-tech gadgetry that it has abandoned customer service.
Four years and more than a billion dollars later, the effort has been abandoned.
The programs were too small, and many were soon abandoned.
There were days with to-die-for conditions when the bay looked nearly abandoned.
On one occasion he was discovered by police with a knife in an abandoned house.
He represented a belief in objectivity that our culture abandoned a long time ago.
Anything that wasn't taken would be, in essence, abandoned.
When they are found to be positive, they are often abandoned by their families.
In comments sections, where bloggers and cinephiles flex their intelligence at one another, pretense is abandoned.
The five sport-utility vehicles sat abandoned in the darkness.
In less than half a year after their marriage, he abandoned her.
She'd spent seven years taking pictures of abandoned buildings and other derelict tableaux.
Now abandoned, but there are many plans to renovate the area.
Boats that are abandoned in the waterways can pose a hazard to navigation and to the environment.
Abandoned by friends and colleagues, she lives in the countryside and waits for the knock on the door.
Old salts are shocked by the idea of a captain who abandoned his ship.
Scattered along the roads are ninety-seven more statues, as if abandoned in transport from the quarry.
Later studies have modified the contrast, but have never entirely abandoned making invidious and admonitory comparisons.
She bought an abandoned farm and made the buildings more or less habitable as best she could.
The same cycle was repeated in other maritime cities as traditional ports were abandoned in favor of more advantageous locations.
They belong to a generation that has abandoned the quarrels of its predecessors and that is rethinking old problems in new ways.
And of course regulation of the financial industry was to a large degree abandoned.
To attempt a reasonable defense, when rationality was abandoned and cases were prejudged, was naïve and useless.

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