a priori in a sentence

Example sentences for a priori

Now, let me say that I have a priori suspicions, prejudices mainly.
But this isn't a book you buy for the a priori dissection.
There exists only one class of aggregation devices which do not require a priori privileging of some preferences.
We do not want the Bulletin's editorials to degenerate into a mere repetition of commonly held, but erroneous, a priori notions.
He takes its reality as given a priori, and doesn't rack his brains about it.
Space and time do not constitute an a priori continuum.
Based on this, it cannot a priori be ruled out that we could do the same thing with our legal system.
Acceptance or rejection of his ideas is dependent on his readers' a priori subjective beliefs.
Of course this would be decided and announced a priori.
I've got your argument that there is no a priori reason to privilege any position over another.

Famous quotes containing the word a priori

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