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We needed A level, durable patio that would blend with the surrounding garden.
Another application of mortar or grout creates A level surface.
He also began to acquire property and achieved A level of prosperity.
They and their children expect A level of obeisance that's positively pre-revolutionary.
So the public's on A level playing field with everyone else.
Set your water heater thermostat to A level that matches your family's needs.
When you deconstruct it to A level of utter submission you realize you've been on an adventure.
The soldiers were able to allow themselves A level of emotion and introspection that is simply not possible in combat.
If the crime reaches A level of blatant disregard for human life, the offender should be disposed of expeditiously.
However, such A level of cooperation would be rare in global politics.
Anyone hoping for A level of fence-whitewashing or a trip through the graveyard will be sorely disappointed.
He brought casual clothes to A level of invention and he never outgrew his affection for the collegiate style.
The success of the performances seems, however, to have been scarcely on A level with the magnitude of the preparations.
On A level spot in the centre was a company of odd-looking personages playing at nine-pins.
It puts us on A level with the gods and incites us to all sorts of artistic activities.
Unfortunately for literature, the expression of feeling is rarely on A level with its intensity.
On A level spot in the center was a company of odd-looking personages playing at ninepins.
At last, moving on to A level with him, he looked at his face.
It's a refreshing alternative to the all the cars restored to A level far beyond their original factory conditions.
In addition, resources should be used at A level that justifies the space they occupy.
Our campus allows for A level of professorial discretion as well.
Many faculty members who get into a tenure-track spot find A level of job satisfaction that can be profound.
Interest rates are held at too low A level, creating a credit boom.
But that would involve A level of tinkering your correspondent does not have time for at the moment.
Lower demand means that prices decline until prices reach A level where demand equals supply.
So they will have to keep spending on designing these, without their reaching A level of sales that will make them profitable.
But, at some point, the debt burden reaches A level that threatens the confidence of investors.
For much of the previous decade, the petroleum deficit hovered at A level around a third of the total trade deficit.
More often than not, they're all conducted at A level of abstraction that is both needless and maddening.
It is a midsize city in the middle of the country with A level of violence comparable to that of many other urban areas.
It's A level of bigotry that would be exceptionally difficult for a longtime public figure to hide.
But the finance and development it took to get there presented A level of complexity above the development of a high-end chair.
Shameless does mark a positive step in depicting so desperate A level of poverty at all.
He will have arrived for the second time, and by quite a different path, at A level that many never reach once.
No, many businesses have already embraced this idea because it provides A level of certainty about the future.
And it requires A level of attention to undergraduate learning that many university professors will find difficult to muster.
Once computers achieve A level of intelligence comparable to that of humans, they will necessarily soar past it.
The main problem is how to increase the intensity of ultrasound to A level that will work in humans without causing tissue damage.
Try the same study as free moving subjects with little resistance to motion while walking on A level plain.
We're forced to limit the acceleration of planes and spacecraft to A level humans can survive.
There seems to be this widespread thinking that it will be at A level far lower than ours.
He said it's never A level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail.
Suddenly, you were competing on A level that was ridiculous.
But now the rate of climate change driven by human activity is reaching A level that dwarfs natural rates of change.
Another useful distinction is that between a rate and A level.
The developmental process exhibits A level of contingency as well.
It would be more accurate to say that the warming has leveled off somewhat, but is holding at A level which is still too high.
So he's okay because he'll get the kick at the crash, but he has to bring the other ones up A level by creating a kick for them.
The commodity hype is drawing in too much foreign money, driving up the value of the real to A level that hurts other industries.
We've got to put more police on the street, get kids and guns and drugs off the street, so there's A level of public safety.
The needs of a real conservation effort may require A level of animal protection beyond what is politically possible.
When they're overexposed or stimulated at too high A level for too long a duration, they end up being metabolically exhausted.
You've been practicing, and this is the year to take it up A level.
Yet at the same time, there is A level of accountability that needs to be put into place.
But that means everyone needs to be on A level playing field.

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