Yeasty in a sentence

Example sentences for Yeasty

As a result, even the permanent whiff of cow dung that hangs in the air has an oddly pleasant, yeasty scent.
The scientists noticed a yeasty smell wafting from a local palm.
The crust is light, with a puffy edge and yeasty chew.
The crusts are limp, the centers dry, and there is hardly any yeasty aroma to account for.
What all of these doughnut shops have in common is the light yeasty dough that defines their doughnuts as perfect doughnuts.
And the wine's toastiness worked with the yeasty flavor of the waffles.
He is all about the business of putting life into loamy, yeasty-smelling soils.
Discard if mold, yeasty smell, or sliminess develops.
Odor strongly yeasty with a slight wine essence,taste mild.
Discard if mold, yeasty smell or sliminess develops.
They do have a yeasty odor that is only apparent if you stick your nose in one.
Of course, this will have an odor of a bakery, a typical yeasty-type odor.
Larger streams swept on in placid beauty, or whitened and rush- ed in yeasty confusion over rocky slopes.
So you're going to need to trust me on this: baking yeasty things is one of the great kitchen pleasures.
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