YEARN in a sentence

Example sentences for YEARN

They yearn for each other, but they only meet in person one time.
Very soon, we may yearn for the day when information wasn't free.
All schools yearn for extended winning streaks.
We yearn for knowledge.
Artists often yearn for color precisely during those moments when real life denies it to them.
As greedy primates, we will always yearn for the bigger and better banana that's on the next tree.
Savvy gardeners, however, yearn to take something home from the zoo.
The students yearn for more, though some students don't buy it, thanks to some kind of bias against anything not indigenous.
He seems to yearn for his earlier, less complicated life, when he could putter in peace.
His comprehensive outlook is something for which, in our fragmented and rootless modernity, many of us yearn.
The answer may be that people yearn for the riches that they think a business career will bring.
With gas prices high, many suburbanites yearn for a shorter commute.
They yearn for public support for the troops, not sympathy, and fret about a debilitating focus on individual losses.
They yearn for closure and the end of consciousness to tie off the mysteries of this universe.
We all yearn for desserts that are magical yet uncomplicated-two qualities that, more often than not, are mutually exclusive.
It's all lovely stuff-but it's that spaghetti with tomato sauce that you'll yearn to come back for.
We all yearn to live without fear or discrimination.
City dwellers don't always yearn to escape to the beach or countryside.
If you yearn for a connection to the wild, you will find it here.
They yearn for the comfort of ancient rites and criticize the sultan for neglecting ceremonies his father routinely attended.
There comes a time in the career of many historians when they yearn for contact with the general reading public.
The photographs are so beautiful that they make you yearn for a time when enhancing the public realm was a serious calling.
Some folks yearn for a simpler time and old-fashioned quality.
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