Wry in a sentence

Example sentences for Wry

Good company and good discourse are the wry sinews of virtue.
He's also an entertaining speaker with a wry sense of humor.
Other e-mails give rise to wry chuckles, which is where this list begins.
It is also brilliantly written: dense with wry descriptions of choice observations.
Several other speakers took similar tough-minded approaches, though none were so wry in delivery.
For some reason that wry comment from an old, experienced priest made the rest of the day easy.
Thirteen wry biographical essays about people, once famous, who have disappeared from memory.
Point being that out of all this pain came reams of incredibly wry, wacky, twisted stuff.
The quote is commonly recited for its wry pragmatism and seeming cynical irreverence.
He is clearly an erudite writer, gifted with rare insight and a wry sense of humor.
His books are laced with a wry humor and have a literary quality matched by few.
Remainder resists its readers, but it does so with a wry smile.
He could poke fun at his own myth brilliantly, and knew how to be honest with a wry smile and wrenching laughter.
There is something wry about that little smile in the mountains, something smug and self-congratulatory.
Matt is funny, wry, and has a sort of jaded charisma that none of us possesses.
Others will probably make a wry, self-deprecating smile.
As for overseas: forget it, he says with a wry smile.
Despite years of intensive research, that wry wisdom is still true: there is no cure for the common cold.
He's much more a wry observer than an over-eager manipulator of our emotions.
Many of his lesser-known works contained a wry cynicism and dry, semi-cantankerous manner.
It may progress to sustained abnormal postures, such as wry neck and facial twitching.
He also reminded me a lot of my then recently deceased father, someone who also had a wry sense of humor and who loved research.
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