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Example sentences for Wriggle

They wriggle and wriggle and twist and turn until you wonder why they don't fall apart.
Cavers wriggle through unexplored, underground mazes.
Although a bony fish, it lacks a swim bladder and thus has to wriggle to move forward at the same depth.
They wriggle around, they latch on to surfaces, they drill their way through.
The lobster has about an hour to wriggle free before it suffocates.
Mama shoved him again, and he began to wriggle his legs as if he were walking in his sleep.
Two weeks later the butterflies wriggle free, walk out and make a winged getaway.
And there are enough vague caveats in her statements to let her wriggle free.
The thin microfiber shell keeps the gloves light and malleable enough to wriggle your fist through a pole strap.
To use the cable giant's network to wriggle into local telecom markets.
It's a riot to watch as the insects wriggle and make noise, with animated shapes emanating from the creatures with each note.
To wriggle out of their fix, it is true that they need industry.
The scattered modules flip over and wriggle toward each other, guided by cameras and internal sensors.
It becomes a sea-snake by pushing six arms down a hole and waving the other two around in a sinuous wriggle.
Guess the alternate time line does permit a certain amount of wriggle room.
Fish that hide in the rocks are rooted out by the sharks that wriggle into the reef.
Not an intellectually honest one, but one that can help you wriggle out of a lot of uncomfortable debates.
Some animals may be able to wriggle out of their collars, but a microchip will stay with them no matter what.
He picks it up and casually, talking about other things, tries to wriggle his fingers into it.
But unedited reviews also leave no way to wriggle out of judgments made on deadline years ago.
Waitresses wriggle through the crowd carrying foamy beers high above their heads.
But he has left himself almost no political wriggle room.
They were thus able to distinguish the quick from the dead by colour, rather than propensity to wriggle.
Ministers have given themselves some wriggle room-governments always do-but not that much.
The mortgage bank may also be the first to wriggle out of government hands.
The plan has been welcomed, though it contains plenty of wriggle room if the government wishes to stop or slow the process.
There may still be a little wriggle room over the precise phasing of the drawdown, however.
With such restrictive conditions attached to government aid, the bank is doing its best to wriggle out from under it.
Most importantly, it would make it easier for the company to wriggle out of leases on poorly performing stores and warehouses.
Haphazard career progression allows the well-connected to wriggle in.
Labour has long struggled to wriggle free from this dilemma.
To avoid political uproar when the law kicks in, the state has left itself plenty of wriggle room.
The tail breaks off when the skink is attacked, and it continues to wriggle for some time to distract the predator further.
Special muscles cause the tail to part from the body and continue to wriggle.
When frightened, these snakes may wriggle rapidly back and forth with little forward motion.
The lost tail piece will continue to wriggle, perhaps confusing the predator long enough to allow the salamander to escape.
Allow enough room for the students to wriggle around without touching them.
It continues to wriggle for some time to distract the predator.
In insects which squirm or wriggle, the blood and the internal organs surge back and forth with every movement.
In a few days the little tadpoles develop until they can wriggle free and are on their own.
Always use safety equipment provided and never attempt to wriggle free of or loosen restraints or other safety devices.
Due to the particularly difficult topography of the site, fish were able to wriggle and disappear under rocks and into algae.
Students powerless to wriggle out of their school chairs.
Allow enough room for students to wriggle around without touching them.
Amphibians wriggle and hop through the economy as well.
Turtles and frogs wriggle out from the shallow bottom after a long winter's nap.
The boat seemed to twist and wriggle violently under foot.
Apparently the fish en joys this, for it makes no attempt to wriggle back into the pool.
The detached tail continues to wriggle while the owner flees.
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