Winnowing in a sentence

Example sentences for Winnowing

One reason is that there is a winnowing process before people actually go up for tenure.
Ultimately, that is an unreasonable question, because the process of winnowing them is so unappealing.
Experts have long been predicting a winnowing of the solar industry.
The photos reproduced here are the result of a painful winnowing of scores of marvelous images.
Oddly, one traditional tool has survived the winnowing: the campaign balloon.
Eventually, exports come to be dominated by firms and products that survive this winnowing process.
It is impossible to remember everything, so a process of winnowing must take place somehow.
It is delightful to observe her balancing, winnowing, fitting in the pieces of her plot.
Both winnowing and sifting were done in a flat circular basket plaque.
The seeds were then winnowed with a flat winnowing basket.
Sometimes they were parched by shaking in a winnowing basket with e few coals.
Wove beautiful baskets for many uses, including winnowing seeds.
In the spring people often mistake the call for the snipe winnowing call.
These included manufactured steel plows, steel scythes, threshing floors and winnowing machines.
Winnowing can cause the entire remaining riprap layer to subside into the bed.
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