Winnowed in a sentence

Example sentences for Winnowed

We must engage them in learning communities where facts, ideas, and values are sifted and winnowed.
Those invaders get winnowed by natural selection, and only a few succeed in establishing themselves as human diseases.
What caught his eye was a small red gem of urinal cake, which had been tumbled and abraded into a perfect, fluid-winnowed capsule.
After much screening you have winnowed the field down to two candidates.
They have developed a mathematical expression to quantify ballooning bosoms and winnowed waists.
The nominations were then winnowed and reviewed by a panel of scholars.
The sediments are better winnowed and better sorted upward in the sequence.
Many of the projects will be winnowed out in the process of the roundtable.
Coarser grained sediment is abundant in shallow depths and constricted areas where the sediment is winnowed by waves and currents.
White areas within the study area are primarily winnowed sea floor armored with gravel.
The section is highly variable and is complicated by unconformities and winnowed intervals.
The list was steadily winnowed down throughout the weekend.
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