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E-therapy will continue to grow and weave itself into the fabric of our daily lives.
The lace maker's bobbins are used to weave the thin strands of thread into lace.
Weave the long end of wire through the next two corners, allowing them to overlap slightly.
Then weave those stories into your interview answers.
But there are people who manage to weave their way between the two levels of discourse with no loss of integrity.
Visit the town's carpet factory to watch workers while they weave the carpets.
And after dark, the constellations weave a starry canopy.
They weave in and out of traffic, often leaving drivers in a fist-shaking rage.
Simonov provides exemplary answers to the questions that weave through the book.
Four days isn't a lot of time to weave an entire fantasy world of whole cloth.
Wispy clouds weave through the mountains and the nearby valleys.
Miller suggested observing two or more caterpillars at a time, and making a race out of which will weave its cocoon first.
Then they weave bundles of green leaves into latticework to create a rainproof skin.
Domestic silk had been scorned as unsophisticated and suitable merely for the peasant farmers who weave the cloth.
All three threads weave in and out of human history.
Three paths weave across the three-dimensional board, complete with staircases to move you up and down the levels.
Multiple characters weave through their daily lives searching for happiness.
It took six spinsters to feed each handloom used to weave thread into cloth.
She was wholly focused on her text message but had to look up occasionally to weave through the crowds on the platform.
Others pulled down dried kudzu vines to weave into small wreaths with the help of their parents.
It takes so little effort to weave referents into an answer or cut and paste a few relevant pieces.
To do that he's had to weave together what are really three different books.
The firm plans to provide developers with tools to weave services together into new offerings.
The nubby weave of the canvas enhances the physical, handmade quality.
Skip ahead and some guy starts using water power, flowing and steam, to make pins and weave cloth.
Letters appear to bob and weave on the page, sometimes dancing off the edge, other times transposing themselves.
During the winter he and his family weave rattan furniture.
She has to weave as well as to sell the basket in market.
Enhanced books that weave their tales over various media formats.
We used computer technology to tell a weaving machine how to weave a column of cloth.
Adventurers weave tales of strange encounters and unexplained events.
As she does, the silent motions of her fingers weave a message that he already knows in his heart but has tried not to believe.
Emotional magic is something that comes from kids, as they weave their toys into their fantasies.
It's much more difficult to see how it could all weave together into something better.
But so far the company has failed to weave its parts into a profitable strategy.
Fleets of luxury cars, and trucks bearing coal, weave their way along the roads.
Now take the second lace and weave it through the first from bottom to top and back down.
Standing sideways on you weave along without needing to kick at all.
Mesmerizing in flight, butterfly patterns weave incredible designs.
Their clay containers, their embroidered garments, the fishnets they weave-all the things they touch-are works of art.
In this way cotton came to be domesticated and used to weave textiles.
King has the ability to speak to you as a friend while using his literary genius to weave wonderfully imaginative stories.
The coarse weave was so open that the light came streaming in, so it was full of beautiful light to read by inside.
They weave the paragraphs together into a near perfect article, essay or review.
The real magic comes when directors weave a movie spell around their cunning scenarios.
If you have a hair weave, you may want to ask the laboratory for special instructions.
The whole is backed by a flat rectangle stamped in a basket-weave pattern.
The vivid images of this mystical landscape would manifest and weave themselves into his dreams throughout his life.
One filling shall weave on the back and one filling on the face of the cloth.
Another type of woven coverlet is the double weave, or double cloth coverlet, a detail of which appears here.
Weave past all five cones without touching or skipping a cone or putting a foot down.
Structures to weave various shapes of fluted cores, using various types of ceramic yarns.
Stillness and peace weave their spells upon the respectful traveler.
Pieces were counted and fabrics inventoried for later reference and characterized as to weave structure and fiber content.
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