Waterfall in a sentence

Example sentences for Waterfall

The next day, they trekked up a dirt road past the waterfall.
The two travel deep into the wilderness and at last discover a strange waterfall.
When she gets to the door, she chooses the red button with a waterfall on it, and walks into an empty room.
Officials believe it will be the largest engineered waterfall in the nation.
Each indentation has been cut by a waterfall falling from the plateau above.
Ferns hostas and hydrangeas border a handmade rock waterfall.
The log that creates the waterfall is clad in thin copper sheeting, pressed and glued to highlight underlying bark patterns.
The waterfall creates its own strong gusts of wind that carry mist straight at you.
The pool area also had a swim-through cave with a waterfall and a pirate ship.
On the upper slopes, there were green trees and small streams, even a waterfall.
Then he built a new concrete-lined two-tier pond with a waterfall inside the old shell.
To escape the sun on a hot summer day, opt for a waterfall hike instead.
Ferns, hostas, and hydrangeas border a handmade rock waterfall.
Behind the building was a planted hillside with a slow easy waterfall and lots of rocks for sitting.
Going upstream from there, you stoop and crawl toward a waterfall.
Loll about post-treatment under a hot waterfall in the hydrotherapy room.
Adding a pond and waterfall increased the number of birds dramatically, she says.
Sixteen lakes, he told us, each connected to the next by a dramatic waterfall.
Below, vanishing into the abyss, is the thundering waterfall that bored this shaft.
Then orient your waterfall so you can see it from a patio or a favorite room.
Experts agree that all it takes is the the right earthquake or waterfall to happen to the dry land to cause flooding.
Tells what is needed for these operations besides a waterfall or dam and about the necessary rebuilding.
T he waterfall of government contracts attracted attention almost immediately.
What factors to consider while installing a waterfall.
Seeing a beautiful waterfall can be a highlight of a vacation and a memory that you want to preserve forever.
The hotel features a heated indoor swimming pool that is fed by a waterfall.
Their small beach-side pool is a favorite hangout with its atmospheric bar perched under the waterfall.
Outdoor venues for your special day include waterfall and vineyard backgrounds along with secluded mountain settings.
Surrounded by winding brick sidewalks and dense tropical foliage, the hotel offers a pool deck, a heated spa and a waterfall.
The best time to see the waterfall is during a heavy rainstorm.
The hike through forested country ends with a scenic respite beside this tumbling waterfall on the park's west side.
Take a direct or a more roundabout route through the canyon and either a longer or shorter route to the waterfall.
Never climb around waterfalls or play in the water above a waterfall, or allow pets to roam freely.
It's a beautiful waterfall, the waterfall cutting around now.
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