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Medical colleges should be careful what they ask for as should residents should be wary.
Zebras must be constantly wary of lions and hyenas.
Yet for all that has gone so perfectly, he is wary of what can go wrong.
You had to be wary when you traveled, I realized, but you also had to be open.
The mood is cheerful but wary.
Employers are wary of hiring him.
Happy is he who is made wary by others' perils.
Home sellers pull out all the stops to attract wary buyers.
It loves a good drink of water- but she is wary to bloom as neighboring plants shade out the sunshine.
We drove without stopping, slumped low in our seats, wary of being recognized as foreigners.
Now some experts speculate that the noisy, tame ones were all shot and only those that were wary around humans survived.
The seamen who occupy their business here are skilled, wary, courageous.
Moreover, let us be wary of interfering overmuch with either his work or his play.
Consumers need to wary of e-mails seemingly sent from trusted sources.
Students and employers are rightly wary of the quality of online courses.
However, the plan also makes clear that many lawmakers remain wary of efforts to end guaranteed lending.
Not surprisingly, today's cost-conscious public views college price tags with a wary eye.
Editors are wary of offering the term if offering the contract is unlikely.
Of course, many academics are wary of closer ties to the military.
It's a start, and my wary contribution to desperately needed education reform.
Traditional colleges offer training, along with incentives, for professors wary of teaching online.
When your accrediting agency seems suspicious, be patient and a little wary.
But a good social scientist must also be wary of overdetermined outcomes.
Be extremely wary of any suggestions about what is marketable.
Professors are wary of adopting courses they did not create.
Be wary of research that hinges its major conclusions about an outcome variable on a single self-report item.
Although officials have since backed off an order to curb sidewalk tables, café owners remain wary.
The extra hands can also help block escape routes for wary fish.
Churches that practice serpent handling tend to be wary of publicity.
For a minute or two she looks puzzled, wary, menacingly stern.
The extra hands can also block escape routes for wary fish.
After the long hunting season, the birds grow wary of anything on two legs.
Should keep a wary eye on the growing cruise business.
High school students wary of dissection may be in the clear, thanks to a newly bred see-through goldfish.
The encounters were often wary or violent, but they were the reunions of a close-knit family.
Be wary of products containing other labels or claims, however.
Be wary about adding decorative fruit or fruit leaves from floral shops.
But as the students experienced true wilderness for the first time, the instructors also taught them to be wary of it.
Airline companies, meanwhile, are increasingly wary of their dependence on overseas oil for fuel.
Of course, that's what the reviews are there for: to help the buyer be wary.
The music on the soundtrack exaggerated the eerie atmosphere and kept me wary.
Some consumers are wary of the coatings, and manufacturers do warn against ingesting the compounds if they start to flake off.
Once there are too many mimics out there those that are subject to their advances become wary and suspecting.
Being wary of results that seem too good to be true is probably a good strategy here.
Others taste a little off to me, which makes me wary of them.
Even in good times, however, these firms are wary of investing in previously untried technology.
In particular, she says, they're wary of products that would be difficult to recall should they prove defective.
But other advertisers remain wary, and for good reason.
Emerging-market governments are wary of encouraging short-term foreign investors.
Now life is returning to normal but outsiders are wary.
The reason why the lawyers were wary was that e-mail cannot be destroyed.
Yet political leaders seem wary of delivering the good news.
But record labels have become wary of social-media indicators.
Decades of inflation made private firms wary of sinking capital into long-term projects.
Voters, however, have reason to be wary of spending and empty promises.
For several reasons, though, researchers are wary about using the web in more formal research.
But he is wary of filming witnesses, and draws the line at juries.
Bosses may also be wary of relying on the judgments of non-experts.
Investors, wary of the government's interventionist economic policies, also have been dumping the local currency.
They ought to be wary of inscrutable companies, giving the firms an incentive to change their ways.
Investors are more wary of risky entrepreneurial ventures as a result of the economic downturn.
Employers do not invest in training short-term workers and are wary of hiring on permanent contracts.
Or there may be a hidden commercial explanation, perhaps involving wine-wary vodka-makers.
Lawyers say they would have been wary of advising clients to destroy much of anything.
Markets kept a wary eye on other bond issues in the euro zone.
We should be wary of overreacting to the crash by making fundamental changes in the mission of the university.
He said he had done a little writing, but he was wary of it.
If they come all at once, they could deplete a bank's capital, which could cause investors to grow wary.
If you're wary of the idea that new types of screens can change our behavior, think again.
They also were less wary of predators in exposed spaces.
Those who got burned by the market are many in number, and they'll be wary about making big bets on real estate for a while.
First, be wary that you or anyone around you is ready to do this job.
Whether a big or small investor, it's only logical to be wary of anyone who seeks to help you manage your money.
Since then, airport authorities have been wary of letting any architect have a say on what should go where.
He has a cleft chin, good hands, and a wary look of being about to spring away from dangerous situations.
The writer so wary of self-indulgence was profligate with ink and paper.
His face belies a brusque and wary nature that veers between cruelty and sentimentality.
She didn't have much confidence in herself, and was wary of another involvement.
She nodded slightly, and then her smile faded and a wary look came into her eyes.
Your average adult fox is a wary critter, as befits a wild animal in a world full of dangers.
Three weeks later, they were still wary about the shadows, while normal rats had forgotten about the shocks.
However, if this is geoengineering, all the more reason to be wary.
Because of the inherent potential dangers of atomic generation of electricity, citizens have long been wary.
First, he is wary of bold action and surprised by it in others, especially when it seems to defy conventional good sense.
He is deeply untheoretical and wary of general conclusions that do not come from specific experiences.
But he never was an economic populist and his campaign team was wary of too much government intervention.
With so many unsavory types roaming about unleashed, small wonder some ballplayers eye the stands with a wary squint.
Milosz is wary of the twentieth-century ethos that prescribes negation for poets.
The more wary warn that the listless lawlessness could soon spark anarchy.
He seems wary of a protest movement that has grown up independent of conventional politics.
His relationship to himself is characterized by a wary dignity.
Sheer self-preservation, to say nothing of humane concerns, should make our government wary of such economic deprivation.
He was a little bleary-eyed from being a new father but also a little wary of the press from being a heartthrob.
Wary firms stopped lending to each other, causing a liquidity crunch.
Be wary of individuals representing themselves as foreign government officials.
Mayor, supervisor wary of precedent that would set.
Be wary of loans offered through door-to-door sales or telemarketing solicitations.
Is a nocturnal animal that is more aggressive and less wary than a red fox.
Be wary of excessive pressure for on-the-spot donations.
Be wary of charities that spring up overnight in connection with current events or natural disasters.
There are fewer elk, and they are becoming more wary.
But be wary: the absence of complaints doesn't necessarily mean the company is legitimate.
Barrow's goldeneye, predominantly a westerner, is less wary than the common goldeneye.
Shy and wary of humans, the pileated woodpecker is not known to migrate long distances.
No doubt as a result of that, despite his friendly demeanor, there's a permanently wary look in his eyes.
At first he was wary, because the guy's really bonkers.
We made a wary peace, and over burners on their floors sometimes shared tea.
Be especially wary of tuna that has a fresh, rich crimson color but a dull, gelatinous texture.
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