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The lucky bedside nurses got to feed him his first meal, which he took well.
These exercises will keep the rest of your body healthy and functioning, as well.
Unfortunately, such chemotherapy kills a lot of healthy cells as well.
Add half of gnocchi to a pasta pot of well-salted boiling water and stir.
Eating well is important, and these are good tips.
It is only in the last four hundred years that the well-rigged, ocean-going, sailing ship has developed.
Leave well alone.
As for the piano-violin, it fell into a probably well-deserved obscurity.
It's a well-known fact that kids are more tech-savvy then their teachers.
We unearthed these lesser-known works from well-known personages.
After so many years together, their daily routine is as well-rehearsed as a ballet.
But whether people are well or sick also depends on factors and policies that lie far beyond the remit of any health minister.
Like a lot of well-remembered poetry, it is a limerick.
Running hadn't worked out so well.
It keeps well in the refrigerator for up to five days.
We've never seen anything quite like it, and well, we love the thing.
Pots made of thick plastic or glazed terra-cotta retain moisture well as do wood tubs.
Here's a look at some of our favorite spots to drink well and eat well while the sun is high.
The counter has plenty of space for setting out buffet items as well as tableware.
There's a whole lot of fresh honeysuckle and juicy apricot nectar for your money in this well-balanced wine.
The piece was thoughtful, well-balanced, and highly informed.
The students are well dressed and well groomed, not a pair of jeans or scrappy goatee in sight.
Though the aspect is waning and exceptionally well disposed, it's a difficult one.
But less homework done well may be worth more than a lot of homework done poorly.
But how well those strategies are working to help students stay in college and graduate is another matter.
It is the token of a humble spirit always to do well, and to set little by oneself.
We have cause to be glad that matters are so well digested.
They are at risk to disease that their immune systems cannot fight as well as mortal injury from the loggers.
These features will keep you ventilated in hot weather, well watered in cold weather, and quick on your feet in all conditions.
Then toss the oysters quickly in the spice-flour mixture, coating them well but shaking to remove any excess flour.
Previous fossils purportedly from this epoch have been fragmentary and were not well dated.
It's between good and bad, well prepared and poorly prepared.
But the role that friends play in health and well-being is something even many adults don't fully understand.
And honey's been mixed into contemporary medicine as well, as a bacteria fighter.
But it has a cosmetic down-side as well, in the form of cellulite.
Our actions have practical as well as moral consequences.
Hmm well salt is not as dangerous as presumed, still dangerous if you don't get it or if you get too much.
Now, in my office four months later, this patient is not doing well at all.
The result can be serious damage to physical health and emotional well-being.
They not only cope well during hardship but also celebrate the happy moments and work to build more of these into their lives.
Its membership includes the entire spectrum of academia, as well as non-academics who are interested in science at all levels.
It's fairly well known that dogs and cats can hear sounds more than twice the frequency that perfect human hearing can.
It was the well-entrenched and subsidized fossil fuel industry that directed our energy policy and still does.
Well before everybody jumps on or jump off the ethanol band wagon, you may want to check on some solid facts.
The service lost both its primary store of user data, as well as its backup.
They add to the sense that this place is truly wild, and well worth the challenge.
There was not much that he didn't do, and do extraordinarily well.
The nature of eruption triggering, though, is not well understood.
And the causes of their cancers probably vary as well.
Our research shows that a kernel of that pattern of speaking begins to form in the brain well before actual production of speech.
The table contains a spring-fed well, used to cool wine during outdoor banquets.
Even though you don't know her well, she will be happy to show you around.
Textbook science is generally neat, crisp and well-ordered.
None of the proposed cases is especially well supported.
Anti-globalisation protesters see companies as unethical as well as exploitative.
It has long been accepted that material well-being alone does not adequately measure quality of life.
Well, it now seems possible that everyone was wrong.
Thousands of state-owned firms, as well as the banking system, do not respond much to pricing signals or interest rates.
Rental yields have fallen to well below current mortgage rates, making it impossible for many landlords to make money.
Every election cycle, politicians looking for money traveled a well-worn circuit of important donors.
So, over time, an informal but well-honed process has developed.
He disagreed with the idea of protecting nature and animals at the expense of human well-being.
The exfoliating cleanser was gentle but worked really well, and the anti-aging mist was really lovely.
He appears to be a well-bred, well-educated bartender.
Of course, it could well be that none of these egomaniacs really want to own a newspaper.
We know all too well the unraveling that has gone on since the crash.
If the price seems insane, it may well be, since it more than doubles the current auction record for a work of art.
He was torn between the idea that you could go to a heaven where all would be well and the logic that defies that.
The biblical rhetoric, as well as the whimsical retreat from it, suggests some uncertainty.
If the purpose of the harsh sentence was to intimidate others, it has not worked well.
Corporate advertising is misleading in another way as well.
When you're personally successful, you tend to think that things are going well.
As the road dips and curves, a car has to follow that path, dipping and curving as well.
Drilling technology and safeguards in well design have improved significantly since then.
OK well to answer my own question yes it does have a magnetic field.
Well shutdowns prompted by fracking-induced seismicity may inspire technology tweaks.
Why getting more gadgets won't necessarily increase our well-being.
In many networks, a small number of nodes are well connected to large number of others.
Already, constellation outlines have been added, as well as guides to backyard stargazing and an animation of lunar positions.
Researchers are developing mashups of cosmic explosions as well.
The system has worked well enough for the regular flu.
Other companies are moving forward as well with plans to build plants.
Dye-based cells work well at wide angles and are longer lasting.
Plus, they work more efficiently in indoor light, because the dye absorbs diffuse sunlight and fluorescent lighting well.
Furthermore, it's well-known that people will flock or swarm in certain conditions, such as when a fire alarm goes off.
Though slightly unconventional, white wine works incredibly well with steak.
Mound flour on a work surface, preferably wooden, and make a well in center.
Into the bowl sift together the flour, the baking powder, and the salt and combine the batter well.
Pulse all ingredients except bread in a food processor until finely chopped and combined well.
Coat with bread crumbs, making sure edges are coated well.
The lines at this sausage stand in the center of town are well worth enduring.
The music is cranked, and squeals of delight reverberate-you might as well be at some ├╝ber-cool underground lounge.
Well that is indeed an interesting way to use freeze-dried fruits and veggies.
Whisk one third of whipped cream into mascarpone mixture to lighten, then fold in remaining whipped cream until well combined.
Not only are the fancy trappings required of a three-star restaurant too expensive now but probably irrelevant as well.
The airlines are well aware of these problems, as are their catering partners.
Or it could feed you-and feed you pretty darn well-for an entire week.
The failure of consumer demand will trample the economy well into next year.
Geologic maps with major regional structure have oil and gas well locations plotted.
For example, after a well is drilled, perforations are created into the formation to start the flow of hydrocarbons.
Anyone can go to a well-known, well-traveled island.
Surely, you've come across some great pegboard as well as hangers and hooks that work well.
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