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People have added washing soda to laundry for whitening for many generations.
The similarity in the recipes reflects the power of borax and washing soda as non-toxic cleaning agents.
One border crosser took cleaning to a whole new level-even washing some weeds.
Cleaning the family's clothes meant first washing the guts of freshly butchered hogs in a frigid mountain stream to make lye soap.
Even when it was twenty below, she did the washing for six people, pressing with heavy flatirons laundry that had frozen stiff.
Small washing machines did not make the commercial laundromats and cleaning services go away.
Your can get an environmentally friendly car and an environmentally friendly washing machine.
Toilets use more water than washing machines or showers.
After a good hand-washing, all join a potluck dinner and then do-si-do at a barn dance.
The exhibit showcases the work of six artists who interpret the act of hand washing in innovative and unexpected ways.
Big swells and freak waves are washing over the island more frequently.
Withers developed the negatives and prints at home, washing them in the bathtub and drying them in the oven.
Oil is expected to keep washing into the bay for months.
The statue is surrounded by buildings crested with billboards promoting everything from washing machines to cellphones.
She drifted on with the tide, washing up against an upturned boat.
To fill their quotas by washing in the riverbeds was all but impossible, even with continual daily labor.
Then the horn for washing was sounded, and the king and all his household sat down to eat.
It is an accustomed action with her, to seem thus washing her hands.
Washing our garments to keep them sweet is cleanly, but it is the opposite to real cleanliness to hide dirt in them.
Probably his father had looked out of the window and seen him washing the car, and had put this up on him while he dressed.
As for the washing arrangements, they were revolutionised.
There are built-in washing machines and dryers in each unit.
Today everyone in the rich world has a washing machine, so people increasingly seek to advertise their hipness or virtue instead.
It wants more clinical research on hand-washing, and more taps close to latrines.
Simply washing hands, without soap, can stop cholera.
Some of the former elite ended up washing dishes or selling insurance.
Laundromats have been closing down as people buy their own washing machines.
Yet domestic robots are in fact already widespread, from dishwashers to washing machines to coffee-makers.
He also notes that simply washing hands with soap is the best single sanitation measure.
Clothes were boiled in urine occasionally, but were otherwise worn without washing.
And crude machines are replacing bare feet as macerators, while washing machines are being used as makeshift centrifuges.
Alcohol-gel hand-cleaners are more convenient than hand-washing, but are less effective.
Even washing dishes in a restaurant today requires capital for the dish washing machine.
Use seawater if fresh water supplies are low for all washing and sterilizing.
Blinking helps lubricate the surface of the eye with tears, washing away dust and other irritants.
Incessant hand washing, daily showers, and use of deodorants.
Two washing-machine-sized satellites recently went into orbit around the moon.
Some patients' rituals involve washing or checking again and again to see if a burner or faucet has been turned off.
Whether or not hand-washing will help with weight management remains to be determined.
The two washing-machine-size probes then spent more than three months making their slow, circuitous way to the moon.
They work on the same principle as kitchen washing-up liquids.
There is no good fix to prevent oil from washing up on the shorelines and into important wetlands and marshlands.
Running a dish washer or washing machine in the middle of the night is an inconsequential use of electrical energy.
It is time to stop all these brain-washing campaigns by the climate change denier lobby.
It may be used for external purposes such as washing a car but is not good for gardening.
Washing reduces the pesticide residue on your produce, although it does not eliminate it.
If your dishes don't need heavy-duty washing, you can switch to a light or energy-saving cycle to use less water.
When washing fruits or vegetables, fill a pan or bowl with water for rinsing instead of washing them under running water.
When water drops on the leaf, it beads up and rolls off the waxy surface, washing away dirt as it goes.
The bodies continued washing ashore in subsequent weeks.
Untouchables work for a pittance washing clothes at dawn.
Nearly half that amount had spilled into the strait and had begun washing up on nearby shorelines.
Turn off the water while shaving, brushing your teeth or hand-washing dishes.
Install water-efficient washing machines and dishwashers.
The churning magma was something akin to a giant agitating washing machine.
Put the wool sweater in your washing machine and cover it with enough hot water to soak the sweater and allow for good agitation.
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and washing the dishes.
Combine washing soda, borax, natural liquid soap and hot water in a spray bottle for a heavy-duty cleaner.
Such piles are created as rain or floodwaters gush through the caves, washing the dirt and bones into a corner.
Washing machines and dishwashers also account for a large proportion of household water use.
Make a sturdy soap bag for washing your hands after working or playing outdoors.
These will help to hold the other materials in place and prevent them from washing or blowing off the bare ground.
Generous pockets keep travel essentials close, and the cotton surface only gets softer and more comfortable with each washing.
Operate the dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded.
Designate one sink bowl for washing and another for rinsing.
Washing your face with baking soda helps reduce water pollution.
Running your iPod through a washing machine cycle might not be fatal, but it's certainly not a good idea.
The original reader was the size of a washing machine.
Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, washing any sugar crystals down side of pan with a pastry brush dipped in cold water.
Washing up once loomed large among its purposes, but today proportionately more of our sink time is spent preparing food.
Cascading waterfalls as urinals and fountains for washing hands are downright confusing.
So she has taken to washing her clothes in the bathtub when she is alone.
Some of this was before the days of automatic washing machines, if you can actually believe it.
Repeated application of agricultural chemicals renders soils brittle and lifeless, prone to blowing and washing away.
How he helped her in her kitchen, with the washing machine, preparing the meals.
There, eggs are placed on a conveyor, where they go through a washing machine.
The river was lit by fires, and those who had gone into it were washing back against the bank where the tiger stood.
People are buying fewer cars and washing machines this year, so they're throwing fewer of them away.
Stains napkins so that washing does not remove them.
Custom forbade them from ever washing their clothes.
One of my friends harvests used water from her washing machine for her garden.
Let's see how good all that indelible ink is for washing.
He and his three followers are clearly trouble-makers, if only because they are forever washing themselves with water.
Usually advertising gets described as a subliminal brain-washing technique, or a pop-ironic art form.
He also proved that the usually fatal transmission of this disease could be prevented by hand-washing in chlorinated water.
She's in there washing her armpits with a washcloth.
They covered the soot with a layer of silica to keep it from washing away.
Today you'd get more processing power out of a washing machine.
Libraries are bursting with refereed literature patting itself on the back for bottle washing and button sorting.
Pole switching has been implemented on motors ranging from washing machines to wind turbines for years.
Inside, the murmurs of prayer are accompanied by the tiled echo of splashing water from the foot-washing room.
Fabricating and then washing away the template is time-consuming.
Button sorting and bottle washing are fantastic grant funding business plans.
It is nothing but yet another glorified brain washing system.
There's something the matter with your washing machine, he told her.
Then they tell you the provenance of the washing machines and the door fixtures.
Someone has left washing outside, hanging on the clothesline.
They lose their jobs because they are late each day, spending hours each morning washing their hands.
At some time in history, no monkeys were washing their potatoes but one group, no humans were making fire but one group.
Hand washing became the norm, and sepsis deaths diminished.
Car engines were pulled, belts on washing machines were replaced, loose wires on toasters were soldered.
Most organ centers handle kidneys pre-transplant by washing, then submerging them in a preservation solution and melting ice.
Someone handles produce and doesn't follow proper procedure for hand washing.
Less than diligent hand washing or improperly cooked meat could park you on the toilet for the next few days.
Short of that, heavy washing with a strong detergent may do it.
Washing your hands is the best thing you can do to protect against the flu.
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