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Dodder, native to tropical and temperate climates around the world, is a parasitic vine that wraps around a host plant.
With close neighbors, you could plant a blooming vine on it for a living fence.
Kudzu is a climbing vine that rapidly overtakes other plants.
The monkeys also rub their fur with clematis-vine stems and piper-plant leaves.
Suggested use: ground or fence cover, climbing vine.
If you wait too long the fruit will fall off the vine and shrivel.
As a result, leaves at the ground level of a vine growing in the forest are a deeper green than leaves high up on the vine.
It has allowed the fruit to come off the vine richer and riper.
Kids can watch the monkey spin down the vine and can launch the monkey from the elephant's spring-loaded trunk.
Cultivars, or varieties bred from the vine, account for nearly all of the wine produced today.
It might be one slightly different tree trunk, a path winding through, or a splash of color on a flowering vine.
Actually, it's a two-foot-long section of vine about two inches in diameter.
When a hunter has not been finding pigs, one of them said, you make a hoop with a vine.
The particular way each vine climbs determines what sort of support you'll need to provide.
Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead.
If vine-ripened tomatoes have already disappeared in your area, use cherry tomatoes.
Bunches of ripe tomatoes still clinging to the vine have become a familiar sight at produce markets.
Wire wrapped around the ladder gives the vine tendrils plenty of places to twine around.
Tall shrubs, hedges, or vine-covered fences make a detached patio private.
Maybe the holly supplants a western yew, or a red-flowering currant, or a vine maple.
Mine look a little better than yours but remain stunted with no vine vigor whatsoever.
Wherever you stop, innovation slows and your society ends up behind and wilting on the vine.
Hence the necessity of our being ingrafted into him, as branches into a vine.
Of leaf and creeping vine accordant with his thought.
They sat both down in a fair vine garden, and there dined together, both the king and the knight.
The landscaping includes several gardens and a vine-covered arbor.
After being mixed together with juice from a species of morning glory vine, the milky latex formed a solid rubber ball.
Summer corn and vine-ripened tomatoes are already close to perfection.
Bao vanished into the undergrowth, reappearing halfway up a pine tree that was swathed in a large-leafed vine.
Slicing a sun-warmed, homegrown, vine-ripened tomato is an aesthetic satisfaction.
Your new book not even out and already it's been shown to be a tissue of falsehoods that have withered on the vine.
The gourds grow heavy on the vine, and the catfish splash merrily in their ponds.
Vine maple sends out slender arching branches in the wild.
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