Vigilant in a sentence

Example sentences for Vigilant

Those charged with protecting those ecosystems have to be that much more vigilant.
The best thing you can do is to be vigilant and to keep pressure on the government to uphold rigorous security standards.
We need to be more vigilant concerning about our environment, let keep it clean and let reduce our emission.
The citizens of this country should be vigilant in watching what is legislated and what is taught in their own area.
He is energetic and thoughtful in his research and vigilant against what should be called cable-channel alarmism.
Perhaps the students were not as vigilant as possible in terms of choosing which school to attend.
People behind the protection wall tend to be less vigilant or reduce private mitigation measures.
But these are not the only points to which you look for vigilant watchfulness.
Many signs seem to have emerged, and if we're not vigilant, the economic situation will be difficult to rein in.
It has to be vigilant against malicious rumors and outside interference.
Studio executives, ever-vigilant for the latest box-office trends, sat up and took notice.
The health-and-safety inspectors are about as vigilant and incorruptible as they were a century ago.
Unfortunately, not everyone is intelligent and not everyone will be ever-vigilant.
And his meticulousness extended to lengthy and vigilant postoperative care.
It depends a lot on how vigilant you are in keeping your software up to date.
They are always waiting in the wings, waiting for their moment, ever vigilant.
We must always be vigilant in our exploration in finding all the problem solving answers through our research of trial and error.
Consumers need to be vigilant to ward off overdrafts, bank fees.
Companies are also becoming more vigilant, as their employees have been implicated in insider-trading cases.
Small wonder that oenophiles are growing more vigilant.
On the street below, five helmeted riot police-one of them with a rifle-stand rigid and vigilant.
To contain outbreaks, surveillance must be vigilant.
Hence the central bankers must appear vigilant, which means they cannot afford to ignore the impact of the dollar.
We have all been to countries where the security is no less vigilant but so much more dignified.
The answer is that bond-market vigilantes have not always been this vigilant.
Mobile-phone manufacturers have become increasingly vigilant about copies and also seem to be getting results.
It doesn't change the fact that the weed may have seeded elsewhere, or that we'll still need to be fairly vigilant.
Of course, for a signalling mechanism to work, one must be vigilant.
Regulation needs to be dynamic and regulators vigilant.
Still, he starts by saying that the campaign team are hyper-vigilant against the possibility of early complacency.
We must be vigilant that trade be both free and fair to promote sustainable development and prosperity.
We are an all hazards response team, vigilant and ready to respond at any moment.
Please continue to stay vigilant and cover this election with the highest echelon of journalistic fairness and integrity.
With hand pulling, try to remove as much of the root as possible and be vigilant.
We are more vigilant as citizens to potential threats and security is tighter virtually everywhere one goes.
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