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They vibrate enough to shake the steering wheel at idle, a turnoff to a luxury-brand buyer seeking smooth refinement.
Fluorescent bulbs vibrate, adding a medically forensic, anemic brightness.
In the labs, which are in the lower decks, the floor and counters vibrate with the engine sounds.
Hot objects emit infrared radiation, and the electrons in these metals vibrate when exposed to such radiation.
When such a material is placed in a rapidly alternating electric field, it starts to vibrate.
These use special crystals that vibrate when charged to squeeze out controlled amounts of ink.
Concentrated in this way, they cause the tissues at the focus to vibrate and heat up dramatically.
Some systems even try to rouse the driver by making the steering wheel or the seat vibrate.
He doesn't turn his cellphone to vibrate in movie theaters.
The muscles in the vocal folds of the larynx vibrate rapidly to make a purring noise.
Carnival says it's provided by the seats themselves, which will vibrate and shift in time to the movie.
When bumblebees vibrate flowers to release pollen, the corresponding buzz is quite loud.
In their microscope setup, a fiber-optic wire spat out photons as a piezoelectric crystal made it vibrate in two dimensions.
Meanwhile the atoms and molecules that make up your body incessantly tumble, vibrate or collide with one another.
All atoms at any temperature above absolute zero vibrate.
Our camera eyes have to vibrate at a speed commensurate with the speed of the emission.
If the obstacle is to your left, the motors on the left side of the belt will vibrate.
The folds vibrate at a fundamental frequency, fo, which determines the pitch of the sound.
In other words, the horizontal flow of light through the resonator induces it to vibrate up and down.
It would be equivalent to having an ocean wave cause a needle to vibrate if it was stuck in a wharf piling.
But this has the effect of not allowing the wood to vibrate as much as resin varnish.
The nuclei recoil and vibrate, generating heat and sapping energy from the electrons.
We ask people to put phones on vibrate and not talk for long periods.
Its comedy, gentleness, warmth and inescapable busyness vibrate with the life of the place.
Overall, you'll want a solid surface that doesn't move or vibrate.
Once plucked, strings vibrate with decreasing energy until the sound dies away.
It was an electric toothbrush that turned on when it pressed against the table but was packed too tight to vibrate.
If the sound of a ringing phone bothers you or the people around you, set the phone to vibrate instead.
Its flat-panel speakers break free from the traditional enclosed cabinet and allow music to vibrate over their entire surface.
Problem is, the theory works well only if the strings vibrate in more than three dimensions.
We could feel the floor vibrate and the overhead lights moved.
Water swirls as it flows past the rods, making them vibrate.
The splayed tail feathers vibrate as air rushes past them, causing them to flutter.
These vibrating photons would in turn cause the cesium atoms to vibrate.
Inside the cochlea are hair cells, each sprouting microscopic bristles that vibrate in response to sound waves.
Polarized light consists of photons that have been filtered so they all vibrate in the same plane.
However, acoustic waves can also cause internal organs of humans to vibrate.
One way or another, we're going to learn a lot more about the way stars vibrate.
Precise motors vibrate the top layer of the display.
Small motors in the handlebar vibrate to tell the rider how far to turn.
The key chain-sized fob will flash, vibrate and even sound an alarm if you start to walk away from it.
They sometimes vibrate side to side and other times stretch and contract along their lengths.
The time an object takes to vibrate back and forth one complete cycle is known as its period of vibration.
The skin absorbs infrared radiation by causing various molecules making up the surface of your skin vibrate more rapidly.
The slip of one block of rock over another in an earthquake releases energy that makes the ground vibrate.
When magma and volcanic gases or fluids move, they will either cause rocks to break or cracks to vibrate.
In a vacuum, the guitar string would vibrate longer than in air, because the air won't carry away its vibrational energy.
The energy of the sound waves caused the diaphragm to vibrate.
All of our constrictors vibrate their tail when alarmed as another defense measure.
For some materials, it is easy for one molecule to make a neighbor start to vibrate.
Workers no longer need to access unsafe areas on large or deep structures to vibrate concrete.
As with many of our harmless snakes, a racer sometimes will vibrate its tail when alarmed.
Air from your lungs is forced between the cords and makes them vibrate.
If you must be available for calls, please be courteous and set the ringer on vibrate.
Be sure all cellular telephones and pagers are turned off or set to vibrate during meeting.
Thicker cords vibrate more slowly and have a lower pitch.
Atoms vibrate at frequencies that are specific to each isotope.
Please have all cellular telephones and pagers turned off, or set to vibrate during the meeting.
Please make sure all cell phones, pagers and other personal electronic devices are turned off or set to vibrate.
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