Ventilate in a sentence

Example sentences for Ventilate

They build roads, aqueducts, warm and ventilate houses.
The solar roof will simply help keep the car cool when it's parked by running a fan to ventilate the car.
A--You must dehumidify and ventilate the air in this space to eliminate this unpleasant odor.
The cupola was an early device used to ventilate attics before the invention of fans or air-conditioners.
Don't leave food out, and if you must use pesticides, ventilate during and after use and follow directions to limit exposure.
The garage door was reportedly raised about a foot to ventilate the fumes.
Firefighters ventilate smoke and superheated gases for safety and visibility.
Ventilate, using explosion-proof blowers to pressurize if necessary.
It is clear that the belt haulage entry was not necessary to ventilate the active working places.
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