Velocity in a sentence

Example sentences for Velocity

Wheel-speed sensors and an accelerometer measure its velocity and a gyroscope controls equilibrium and direction.
The result is a riveting sensation of narrative velocity.
They do not suggest the narrative velocity and emotional and moral richness of what comes after that.
The velocity of the debate sped up during the last two years.
Gesell argued that a higher velocity of money helps combat deflation.
His admission of ignorance reflects genuine puzzlement with the economy's failure to reach what he likes to call escape velocity.
Government spending also prevents deflation by stemming the downward spiral in the velocity of money.
While the drop in velocity was due to early-season injuries, his struggles with command have now raised some cause for concern.
It isn't the terminal velocity that's so impressive, it's how quickly and effortlessly you get there.
Worker mobility gives the tech industry fluidity, velocity, and energy.
They are also spaced comfortably apart and the velocity-sensitive action is extremely precise.
The horizontal position should be a straight line indicating constant velocity in the x-direction.
He has enough velocity on his fastball to get left-handed hitters out, but his control is not sharp.
Solar radiation bombarding the particles causes them to lose orbital velocity and eventually fall into the nearest planet.
Recession velocity increases in exact proportion to proper distance.
Its velocity is imparted equally to the entire structure, producing a flat rotational curve.
Forensic meteorologists may also take their own measurements, such as wind velocity.
The velocity of this kind of sharing is speeding up.
As they rise and gain velocity toward the top surface begin to ignite booster rockets.
The velocity will be good for an air vehicle to catch.
Mathematically velocity is described by vectors which have both magnitude and direction.
In a sense, light never really changes its velocity.
The bullet--low velocity and small caliber--had left him not only alive but semiconscious.
Many of the higher-velocity collisions, though, would have produced a lot of rubble and dust instead.
At first the wind is slow, but then as the star continues to expire the velocity increases.
Then again, dynamic pressure is the density multiplied by the velocity squared.
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