Vegan in a sentence

Example sentences for Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan options, tasty microbrews available.
Curry leaves make this vegan curry intensely aromatic.
Those who champion the low-fat vegetarian vegan diet have long made broad health claims for the regimen.
Supposedly it's all part of the great vegan conspiracy.
People who follow a vegan diet should take supplements to get this vitamin.
And unless you are vegan, step down, the hypocrisy is painful.
So unless you're a vegan, any one who talks about the suffering, you're quite the hypocrite.
It's quite easy to eat a balanced diet as a vegan, thanks.
Adult onset diabetes can be cured, and of course prevented, by adopting a vegan diet.
Course there's the option of going vegan, the diet found to have the lowest exposure to dioxins.
When you switch to a vegan lifestyle, attending parties and other social gatherings can be tough.
Serve an organic vegan meal on a reclaimed barn wood table that sits on bamboo flooring and overlooks a pesticide-free lawn.
The resort serves local organic fare and specializes in vegetarian, vegan and raw food meals.
It is unlikely that these facts are compatible with humans ever having been vegetarian, let alone vegan.
And it's simply inaccurate to suggest that a vegan diet is necessary for optimal health.
If someone wants to be called a vegan cannibal, that's all well and good.
Oh, and if you are a vegan, you're still killing plants.
Also becoming a vegetarian or vegan can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the air.
We can reverse this climate change problem by going vegan.
Even eating a purely organic vegan diet will not prevent exposure to toxins.
The labels even bear the nearly impossible-to-achieve vegan stamp.
If you're a vegetarian, go vegan, ditching any dairy for the evening.
It's true that choosing to live according to what feels right to you may be difficult, and being vegan is no exception.
Tandoor specialties, curries and biryani dishes are served, as well as a handful of vegan entrees.
Many items on the menu can be altered to meet a parve, or vegan diet.
The on-site vegan restaurant specializes in raw foods, and much of the cuisine comes from the resort's organic garden.
Most dishes are vegan, and vegans may order any dish containing egg without it.
When it comes to desserts, vegan usually means it contains no dairy products, honey or eggs.
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