Veer in a sentence

Example sentences for Veer

He unwittingly started to veer into the road, prompting an oncoming car to honk.
In any case, current economic conditions will reduce the elbow room for any government keen to veer left.
Sometimes they veer off into the crowd, and everyone scatters and runs.
Other performers veer away from being completely educational or philosophical.
When people can learn what others think, the wisdom of crowds may veer towards ignorance.
Television reports on the elderly and their problems usually veer between sentimentality and depression.
My students tend to veer towards the low-tech side, though it varies.
The probe maneuvers itself into position by tracking bright objects, so the jets could cause the craft to veer off course.
It takes the equivalent of only a two-second lapse for a driver to veer into oncoming traffic.
Against this backdrop, the big thinkers about today's media revolution tend to veer towards extremes of optimism or pessimism.
To occupy his time, he had to veer off the straight and narrow.
We veer rightwards to avoid another giant cavity in the road.
There was no immediate indication of what caused the minivan to veer.
But we're beginning to see land prices veer away from the value of the crops they produce.
His all but incomprehensible scripts are spattered with buzzwords from technology and business, but veer steadily into nonsense.
Veer from the script, however, and the results are mixed.
Family histories veer naturally toward sentimentality.
Recovery is heavily ideologized and there's tons of money in it, so discussions tend to veer off into dogma.
But the subjects didn't consistently veer to either the left or right.
No doubt they fancy the abundance of fresh water, the rugged vistas, and the privacy that doesn't veer into isolation.
Skiers and snowboarders can head straight downhill to gather speed, and then veer sideways out of the slide path.
Veer outside of the cone, and you're not making your drop zone.
But sometimes history can veer off the beaten path in cruel ways.
He knew that if he swerved, he would veer into the next lane and cause an accident.
At any moment it can veer into cloyingly sappy territory.
And if you want to veer off the path, you'll know where to go.
While biking, you can visit small fishing towns and veer off to view nature including sea turtles and orangutans.
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