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Rather than countering concentration, higher education has long been increasing its own version of it.
Here is an early version of my column, which will appear in this week's paper.
Despite hardships and lingering violence, residents imagine a new version of the ancient city.
The exhibition will be accompanied by an online version.
We created this elegant, elongated version of strawberry shortcake by stacking cake layers with berries and whipped cream.
Click here for an expanded version of this timeline and map.
We mixed up our state nicknames in the original version of this article.
Indeed this is a modern version of the enclosure movement.
Right click to download a larger version of this image.
Someone had stolen a copy of the e-book version and uploaded it to the file-sharing site.
The alleged fake, though, appears to be a higher-resolution version.
We apologize for an error in the original version of this story.
Top this version with a layer of crushed holiday candy and mini chocolate chips.
Yet this version of events, too, turns out to date to hundreds of years later.
Apparently the real thing is much more tame than the film version.
Usually the soups are served as a first course, but our hearty shrimp version is a meal in a bowl.
Sunflower sprouts are large, leafy, and lovely in our spring version of a traditional garden salad.
Try our nutty version of hummus to make a quick, light lunch.
For deep flavor, try this version made with espresso powder and dark chocolate.
Our salmon version is a lighter take on the traditional dish.
When you want to welcome a new neighbor, try this healthy and hearty version.
Click here to view an uncaptioned version of this video.
Keen's water-ready version of their bestselling amphibious sandal.
Plus, libraries must deploy usable interfaces that allow scholars to know when and how they can access each version.
Planting stick, the earliest version of no-till, enables the planting of seeds without cultivation.
Our version features apricots, pluots, or plums steeped in sweet wine.
There's a smoked version that's dynamite for this guacamole.
The two components combine well in his version of enchiladas.
For an extended version of this article, click here.
It also plans to release a new version of its app, one that suggests nearby meals based on your preferences.
My only complaint is a common one to the online version.
In addition to the exhibition, there is also an illustrated companion book and a comprehensive online version of the exhibition.
It has been updated with the correct version of the image.
In order to view this feature, you must download the latest version here.
It is much easier to pick holes in a version of events than to construct a more plausible alternative.
Something else to notice here is that in the edited version, the rockets look a little bigger and thicker.
In the ethical version a lawyer helps his colleague, whereas in the unethical version the lawyer sabotages him.
These problems can be largely overcome by using an advanced quantum version of gravity.
In less than the blink of an eye, people remembered a systematically modified version of pictures they had seen.
Each author has an opportunity to review and approve the edited version of the manuscript before it appears in print.
Our new version is an attempt to better organize and provide more context for that information.
Download the newest version if you have problems using the interactive.
The final lines of the printed version didn't match his own memory.
The company wouldn't provide information on boot time for the older version.
The online version of this article appears in two parts.
The online version of this story appears in two parts.
The online version of this article appears in four parts.
The online version of this article appears in three parts.
Originally, a hand-colored version of the film was created, but it disappeared.
However, researchers caution that a practical human version of the neural interface is still a long way off.
He believes that his group's more efficient version of the material will finally make such applications commercially viable.
Again this is in line with an eclectic renunciation of any absolute version of events.
The faction that won these debates promoted its own version of the history of the times and suppressed dissenting voices.
Though he never starved, he lived a genteel version of a hand-to-mouth existence.
Think of it as the book-choice version of a tapas bar or buffet spread.
The human genome, the blueprint that describes how to make another version of you, is huge.
His suicide is perhaps the ultimate version of that impulse to withdraw.
So traveling back in time is nothing more or less than the fourth-dimensional version of walking in a circle.
Then he actually constructed a version of the molecule in his lab.
The latest version of the cyclic model even matches key pieces of observational evidence supporting the older view.
Discover has now set up a mobile version of the entire site, including this blog.
The latest version boasts higher resolution and an expanded field of view.
And thank you for acknowledging the new version of my piece.
Even in the current, cargo-only version, the hold is pressurized and insulated.
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