Urgently in a sentence

Example sentences for Urgently

Urgently, he fished the portable phone out of his pocket and called his secretary to find out why the pond was empty.
Something urgently expressed, with something at stake in the telling.
To make matters worse, the committee has told me that my response to them is needed urgently.
They have succeeded in providing the types of academic and vocational experiences urgently needed by our economy.
He has spoken urgently of the need for educational reform.
At the same time, the pressures of globalization are creating enormous problems that urgently need attention.
In quiet moments, the dancers will look one another in the eye and gesture urgently and enigmatically.
They had lunch, and a fax arrived from the jeweller to ring him urgently.
He finally realizes she urgently wants to tell him something, and presses his probably unwashed ear close to her lips.
The way she interprets her life for us-full of turning points, each event urgently meaningful-that's her character.
Experts say wide-ranging conservation measures are urgently needed if the eel is to be saved.
Going from tent to tent, the two guides pleaded urgently for volunteers.
Companies urgently need to know, so consultants have sprung up to forecast trends.
Flowing water was rare, and each afternoon they searched urgently for some drink-able sump beside which to camp.
We urgently need funding to finance further expeditions to remote areas that may have healthy parrot populations.
We urgently need to make the decision now to protect our last-remaining wilderness area through the turbulent times ahead.
The proposed budget is also worth a close read for some of the more urgently needed technology it would pay for.
So a blood transfusion was ordered last night urgently but she never did get the blood.
Autopsies, he explained to the families, were urgently needed.
Yet many small feline species are endangered in the wild and urgently need to be bred in zoos.
Clearly, development of novel strategies for control of the disease is urgently needed.
Despite their complexity, they wield the power of urgently felt material, and in each of their many rooms they seem intimate.
Others had learned something through their telephones that they urgently had to share.
The essence of their claim is that conventional school procedures urgently need to be simplified and rationalized.
Considering the pace at which scientific advancements are moving on so many fronts, that re-evaluation is urgently needed.
Everyone nodded urgently, fiddling with exposure meters.
As fairs began to overtake biennials as places to be seen, invitations became more and more urgently coveted.
We waited urgently for an hour or more, until the first reports arrived of flurries at several remote stations.
And yet it is essential for the continued development of this region that the needs of those populations be met, and met urgently.
Clarification of its relation to rights and laws is urgently needed.
The behavior of glaciers is still incompletely understood and urgently needs more research.
As the old business models fade, new ones are urgently being tested.
We urgently need a truly renewable energy revolution.
More research on how they affect younger brains is urgently needed.
Another flaw that urgently needs correcting is the revolving door policy of regulatory agencies.
We need to urgently address the problem of overpopulation and its accompanying evils before it is too late.
But a new treatment for depression is urgently needed.
The government urgently needs to develop a sense of mission, too.
Governments need urgently to decide whether and when to allow scientific work on human reproductive cloning.
The coalition argues that poor countries urgently need the revenue logging can bring.
He and his executives could help allay concerns about their papers' power by urgently demonstrating that they are accountable.
Rich economies where public debt burdens are soaring urgently need bold and credible plans for medium-term deficit-reduction.
Obviously, some more-imaginative remedies are urgently needed.
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