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Rather, the worry is of persistent price declines that characterise true deflation.
There are myths that humans have the ability to regenerate, and that is really only true to a certain extent.
Two is that it is true or half-true, or based in some truth but they had not heard it before.
F lower is technically a cyathium, consisting of fused bracts that form a cup around the much-reduced true flowers.
For seven decades, they were a curiosity, a relic of a lighter-than-air future that never quite came true.
That's a pure ideal of the law, of course, but it can be true of the best of lawyers.
It is true that a lot of websites are popping up thanks to easily available software.
And you say kidneys excrete bad stuff which is totally true.
According to the photographer, the amazingly bright reds in this photo are the true color of the rock.
Chan envisions an advising program that can help students find their true paths early in their college years.
There's something refreshing about this city that clears the air of your soul and allows you to discover your true self.
They aren't true in-ears, but the rubber tips form a seal that's tight enough.
Although such sleep's true effects are still being studied, it is generally considered a restorative period for the brain.
So, it's still true that life branches as a tree, but now scientists are really starting to rethink that a bit.
Despite the sobriquet that opposites attract, generally that's not true when selecting a mate.
In parts of the country, and some of the time, that is bound to be true.
It's true for people, and it's true for butterflies.
When you have all the answers about a building before you start building it, your answers are not true.
It is this idea of universality that is the true legacy of the scientific revolution.
The same is true of friends who work in other federal buildings.
When these pressures are sustained, as they have been, core measures will under-represent true inflation.
Shopping, no matter the state of the economy, remains our true national sport.
The problem with this argument is that it is not true.
The problem comes in when your committee's members feel that this is not true.
Yet today the true health costs of the nuclear disaster are still unknown.
No one can claim that, and to do so shows disregard for the true spirit of science and reluctance to budge from the status quo.
When the seedlings have developed their second set of true leaves, it's time to transplant or thin them.
The same is probably true of books and airline tickets.
They were supposed to have tried to stay true to her husband.
Baker notes that the reverse is often true for interiors.
The stress of finances on students is depriving them of a true college experience.
But let us not determine, therefore, that there are no true recovered memories.
In other words, the idea that universities represent the left is only true if reason itself is said to represent the left.
Explanations become true science only when they predict outcomes.
Whatever thoughts you have in it, it sometimes come true by depending up on the relationship with one's own self.
Usually faculty members are apologetic as soon as they return to their true selves.
What is true for individual funds also turns out to be true for the industry as a whole.
Most of the offers are likely to cluster around the true value of the resource, so the highest bidder probably paid too much.
First, while some religion may be true, religion may also be entirely untrue.
It is true that no one joins the government to get rich.
True, oligarchs rule the roost in both countries, with politicians as their puppets.
When the latter is true, the case for intervention is stronger.
Too many people have chosen to believe in what they wish to be true rather than in what is true.
It's true that it may not always work out for you and it's true that you will meet some naysayers along the way.
But in the wake of the recession, this once tried-and-true method of recasting an academic career now eludes many faculty members.
It's also true that, no matter what you do to deter cheating, some students are going to find a way around it.
Leaving aside the shameless immodesty of that advice, it's actually true.
The same is true of public universities, although that fact is less widely recognized.
Of course, if you are talking about empirical matters it is true.
The secondary message occurred to me much later: the same must true of deer.
The true-life address of that facility is even revealed.
Ecologists once thought that many small mammals stick to tried-and-true routes amid dense vegetation that provides good hiding.
We all need to understand some things that are true and basic for our survival and our development of wisdom.
The lobsters are the first invertebrates to display this ability known as true navigation.
Some people drink bottled water because they think it is better for them than water out of the tap, but that's not true.
First: the opinion which it is attempted to suppress by authority may possibly be true.
The true way to be deceived is to think oneself more knowing than others.
And the true philosophers, and they only, study and are eager to release the soul.
To be really true, all these ideals must be melted and welded into one.
The science is uncannily true, with rare exceptions.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
But political journalism-unlike war reporting-long ago stopped being about what is true or important.
But, even if it is true, what's best for the league isn't necessarily best for the players.
But the opposite can also be true: the farther away you are, the better you can see.
He pretended that not saying aloud what he knew to be right and true was for her sake, was for the sake of her needs and feelings.
The true theory should be resolved among a small number of professionals.
So even if you perchance would make a complete, absolutely true proposition, you couldn't know.
The true origin of corn is a question that's been debated for decades.
In both cases the explanation was legalistic: narrowly true, but generally false.
It appeared to be the perfect tuna, a vision of true kata.
When you listen to the tapes, it couldn't feel more horrendously true.
The same is true for drugs that block neurotransmitters, except in reverse.
What's true of the eight-hundred-pound gorilla is true of the colossus that is the pharmaceutical industry.
What rings true does not please the ear, what pleases is not quite true.
Philosophers have also said that anything that you prove in pure mathematics must be true.
The cooking rule is true for objects small enough for us to handle.
True, my competence is in the field of art history as opposed to conservation.
It is also true that such a theory should be consistent with all available evidence.
It is always respectful to ask of a great philosopher whether what he says is true, and hardly respectful not to ask it.
That, he told me, seemed particularly true of defectors.
The former may well turn out to be true, but in my opinion the latter would be a much more interesting conclusion.
True heroism is you, alone, in a designated work space.
Occasionally a trend story refuses to die because it's true.
Imagine true-to-life avatars and objects being imported into virtual environments.
If the axioms are true then the conclusion must be true as it is contained in the premises.
The true difficulty is the definition and built of the interfaces between the neural network and the outside world.
But it's not true that nothing has changed for years.
That's not true, though, of electric- and hybrid-car motors or wind turbines.
First came the prediction, then the prediction came true.
Wind turbines being responsible for slicing up birds in flight is an urban myth that sounds plausible, but in reality is not true.
Maybe it's true that they were selling the hardware below cost in order to make extra profits on software.
At single unit production levels, it is more a piece of artwork than a true solution.
While it's probably still true that all politics is local, all power is not.
It's a self-serving statement, of course--but it might also happen to be true.
Forensic scientists have always had to rely on other clues to help them work out what the true height must have been.
The true answer is to come up with a different answer entirely.
If you live someplace that has a true winter, this is probably about the time when you start thinking about getting out of town.
True, the recipes show their age every time canned potatoes or processed cheese make an appearance.
But the true heart of this book lies in the recipes that he has perfected over the years.
It makes frugality a true virtue-and a delicious one at that.
But let us remember the true yields of food security.
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