Triangulation in a sentence

Example sentences for Triangulation

The author referred to their computer simulation as causal triangulation.
Many digital whiteboards employ ultrasonic triangulation to do the same thing.
Students build an inclinometer, then use triangulation to measure the height of a tree.
When that happens, triangulation allows the system to locate the original bolt with precision.
The answer is a form of triangulation, tracking features such as points and edges from one frame to the next.
Using additional triangulation, this can pinpoint an object's position to within one centimetre.
His strategy of triangulation is dependent on events working out the way he hopes.
The satellite, in turn, used a triangulation function to determine where on the planet the signal was coming from.
To get an accurate representation of where an event occurs within space-time, triangulation is a good method.
Her support of the war and the flag-burning amendment are odious pieces of triangulation.
The worldwide satellite triangulation camera station network.
Any geometry textbook should tell you the math behind triangulation.
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