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It has been a park used year around with the sled and toboggan hill during the winter season.
Sled designs proliferated, with manufactured sleds joining the ranks of toboggan-style handmade sleds.
Spend the rest of the day ice skating or taking a toboggan ride down our popular sled run.
Skiers lucky enough to find a room in town that weekend will find everybody talking toboggan.
On land, they waddle and toboggan across the ice-sliding on their bellies, and propelling themselves with their flippers.
Today locals still use the old pathways to ski or toboggan down the slope.
In winter there's a concrete toboggan shoot that whips you out onto the lake.
The snow patrol were fast upon me, and they skied me down the mountain in a body bag on a toboggan.
He said he lied about the toboggan at an impromptu news conference at the hospital yesterday morning.
Nowadays, tourists can take toboggan rides down the streets used during this process.
He began skimming the flight deck as if he were on a toboggan.
Occasionally, if the air was freezing, he put on a toboggan hat with earflaps.
In the winter, visitors can ice skate or ice fish, toboggan and cross-country ski.
Budget and the unstable weather helped coax us from taking the toboggan ride down.
During the summer, you can ride the water slides and go down the toboggan slide on wheels.
The wintertime also offers a private ski slope, skating rink, dog sledding and a toboggan run.
Anyone can sense that the trajectory in this comic of discomfort is a toboggan ride to social anarchy.
The ice skating rinks and toboggan runs will open as soon as conditions allow.
Collar stated that appellant wore a dark colored toboggan cap and that his face was not covered.
There are two basic types of dog sleds-basket sleds and toboggan sleds.
Includes unusual views of the toboggan slide and race track.
In the winter, cross-country ski trails are marked, and there is a toboggan slope.

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