Thwart in a sentence

Example sentences for Thwart

Working to thwart departments is working against yourself.
But nitrous oxide emissions, which are being released at a rate of about ten million tons a year, may thwart that progress.
And to use them to thwart whatever comets the divine creator may see fit to throw at us.
There is one more similarity among the components of the firewall: they are all easy to thwart.
If they tried to expand their exports, they would thwart each other, driving down the price of their commodities.
The service is paid for by pharmaceutical companies that want to thwart the counterfeiters.
Today, factions simply maintain their power to thwart.
Lawsuits will thwart blatant knock-offs in rich countries.
Organizers miss an opportunity to really thwart the spooks.
It is designed to heighten individual autonomy and thwart centralization.
But he has been careful, from the beginning of his bankability, to thwart audience expectations.
Unfortunately, he could only manage a par at the eighth to thwart his chances.
His administration then used wildly broad claims of state secrets to thwart any accountability for this immoral practice.
Regular exercise lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and helps thwart heart disease and other illnesses.
The tax would be levied through electricity bills in order to thwart evasion.
Clever timing, though, may not be enough to thwart future protests.
Even still, determined users can thwart the vaccine by taking more cocaine than their immune response can handle.
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