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Her thoughtful expression and strong hands immediately strike the viewer.
But if the photographer is thoughtful about how to use the light, magical images can be made.
The editors-and the critics themselves-make a strong case for professional and thoughtful criticism.
It, too, is a work of an amazingly precise and thoughtful serenity while evoking the quiet outrage of reason abused.
He is thoughtful, and simply spends time dreaming in the way his father had always longed to do.
He is energetic and thoughtful in his research and vigilant against what should be called cable-channel alarmism.
Behind the metal-detector stigma are thoughtful people seeking some atypical thrills.
Over the last few months of its development, we've seen beta versions filled with thoughtful and provocative photo stories.
He wanted to take similarly thoughtful photos of people he didn't know yet.
Sinister and despotic in that it cannot be obeyed and thus makes sinners even of quite thoughtful people.
What struck me immediately is how thoughtful they are.
He seems at times almost dull, often thoughtful and responsible, and quite bookish.
Most thoughtful people are extremely concerned about climate change.
Such a thoughtful speech deserves our time and reflection.
It is a stimulus to immediate action, not thoughtful reflection.
He's thoughtful, with schoolboy eyes that look eager for trouble.
They add some marginal benefit however university students are expected to be thoughtful consumers.
The story she brought back with her annihilates distance, and touches every thoughtful reader.
The piece was thoughtful, well-balanced, and highly informed.
Information is laid out in a thoughtful way that is also aesthetically appealing.
Thanks so much for your thoughtful and useful response.
Students deserve the truth, and scholarly-press editors deserve thoughtful submissions.
Be cautious and thoughtful about what you commit to writing and how you phrase your messages.
The one who did not pre-salt got the promotion over the other guy because he was considered to be more thoughtful.
Strangely, the brighter more thoughtful students seem to sense that things were not always this way.
It is sad that it provokes so little thoughtful reflection, and so much emotional response.
Though unusually thoughtful, it nonetheless essentialize a movement which by its own admission is not altogether well defined.
Thoughtful observers of synthetic biology favour a different approach: openness.
But while he balances zingers with more thoughtful meditations on martyrdom and history, the jokes wear thin two-thirds in.
But he was too thoughtful for diplomacy, too lofty for politics.
Reading historical debates, and hearing of the attention paid to them by a thoughtful populace, certainly makes one wonder.
Two examples he mentioned: a contractor who installs beautiful kitchens and a thoughtful, engaging caregiver to the elderly.
If you think there are fewer thoughtful, well-crafted films around these days, you are right.
More thoughtful voices propose more constructive ways to forge a new sense of purpose.
Surely more thoughtful ways can be devised to help depressed areas than simply turning off the lights and shutting the door.
Thank you for your restrained, moderate, polite and thoughtful contribution to this debate.
The ages are often more thoughtful than blogs, talk shows and newspapers.
Nonetheless, all the answers were thoughtful, and at times touching.
Many thoughtful and decent people are conflicted about, or strongly oppose, this research.
The ages are often more logical and thoughtful than blogs and talk shows and newspapers.
She liked his firm, thoughtful responses from the first controversial question.
There he learned what he should have in high school and received thoughtful attention to get him college ready.
Thanks everyone for reading and leaving such thoughtful comments.
In fact, that's not a bad topic for a thoughtful essay.
Thoughtful correspondence is in action, and tonight could be fun.
He had read the book twice and asked thoughtful questions.
What a loss to his family and friends and to all of us who appreciated his thoughtful writing.
Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful and measured response.
In other words, be truly kind, and truly thoughtful.
She's serious and straightforward, thoughtful and deliberate.
The waiter's thoughtful attention worked for a while.
Lets all be prudent and thoughtful of future generations.
Open-ended questions are used when longer and more thoughtful answers are required.

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