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These will also reduce your taxable income because this is taken out before you pay tax on your salary.
There can be a combination of income, capital gain, and estate tax savings.
Of course, when it comes time to collect, the president will be required to pay income tax.
With family income shrinking, and tax revenues dwindling, choices had to be made.
We should also avoid further gutting the government's revenues with more rounds of tax cuts.
Is it time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden.
Grumblers thought of yet another government intrusion into the lives of honest, tax-paying citizens.
For example, by taxing work the income tax induces people to remain unemployed.
The tax system is unfair and inefficient, and fails to generate enough revenue to cover government expenditures.
Refundable tax credits can take your burden past zero, turning your tax bill into a tax payment.
It lists personal income tax rates for various countries.
The state has no income tax, and revenues from its sales and property taxes have plummeted.
The government stands to make more money than private companies if it enacts a cap and trade type tax.
Using your logic, the government should be giving away money to every single tax payer.
The government can offer tax incentives to the companies to encourage the setting up of charging stations.
Because then the government wouldn't be able to tax you.
Estimated tax is the method used to pay tax on income that is not subject to withholding.
And we're also going to aim for property-tax relief.
We need major tax reform that will abolish any unfair taxes, simplify the tax system, and spread the tax burden fairly.
Even in good times, tax reform poses steep political challenges.
Most academicians are not going to be in the tax bracket in which they would be able to itemize.
Tobacco companies are routinely threatened with every tax and sales restriction going, and are perennial fixtures on the list.
Check with your tax adviser or solar vendor for information on current federal incentives.
Local tax and shipping charges will be applied by region.
State tax collectors are getting aggressive about billing smokers for taxes on online tobacco purchases.
Spending on unemployment benefits rises while tax receipts from incomes falls.
Finance authorities were told to consider tax measures to discourage plastic bag production and sale.
Another reason to consider going solar in one fashion or another is tax incentives.
Do it before the end of the year and you'll get a tax break this year.
The line is getting longer for those who want to slap a tax on iPod owners.
Yes, tax the rich, but also tax consumption for all consumers.
But federal and state tax incentives are making these systems more affordable.
Many state governments are asking taxpayers to declare their e-commerce purchases when they file tax returns.
But some have less room to raise tax rates than others.
Review federal tax incentives, which change year to year.
After that if there is a tax surplus fund some future investment only.
Most countries tax petrol, but the extent to which they do so varies enormously.
Current law allows extended tax credits to developers of wind and solar power.
The solution is to tax non renewable energy and subsidize renewable energy.
Tax collectors are seeing a spike in electronically filed tax returns.
Offshore financial centres are booming, thanks to their easy-going tax regimes.
If it still does not come out to zero, throw in the cost of providing oil subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies.
For starters, the current sluggish economy has choked tax revenues and made it difficult and expensive to borrow money.
The environmental companies will need workers, ie more jobs and therefore more tax revenue.
With the help of minority group blocs, voters soundly rejected the tax.
Another round of tax cuts for the wealthy should prevent that.
And of course, we'll have to take money from the poor, sick and elderly to pay for all of that and the tax cut to the rich.
Basically, the tax breaks only help businesses by reducing the amount of tax that they pay.
Another thing for lecturers is a hardly publicised tax allowance for working at home.
The tax also would provide tax rebates on plug-in hybrid cars.
Diesels are fuel efficient and practical, but they're dogged by a reputation for being about as much fun as a tax audit.
We don't spend our money giving companies tax breaks to come here or to stay here.
Innocuous as this may seem, being generous can also subject you to gift tax.
Pop-up beard trimmer is duller than a tax appointment and doesn't lock in place.
Far more personal information is available from data brokers, including aliases, bankruptcy records and tax liens.
Your darn right that the people of a state have the right to know where their tax dollars are going.
Thousands of pieces of raw and worked ivory were confiscated and workers were charged with tax and import violations.
These neurons are then presumably available to aid in situations that tax the mind.
The plan uses tax credits, loan guarantees and other incentives to promote building retrofits.
Most of the tax payers that paid for these experiments are now dead.
Well, of course we've gotta cut this, to preserve tax cuts for the rich.
Nuke production tax credits are payable only after the facility is running and are a tiny portion of the cost of production.
But the land tax, at four shillings in the pound, falls short of two millions a year.
But an internal tax is forced from the people without their consent if not laid by their own representatives.
Tax and public expenditure reforms will be necessary to close the budget gap.
The tax upon silver continued for a long time to be a fifth of the gross produce.
Nine marks goes in one lump for house tax, three marks for land tax, nine marks for mortgage interest-that makes twenty-one marks.
Every new tax is immediately felt more or less by the people.
The police deny its existence while nursing the bruises received in nightly battles with it that tax their utmost resources.
When he has made up his mind, he is to tax the whole community in order to pay people to teach his opinion, whatever it may be.
Khanty-Mansi's regional capital, scene of the holiday revelries, is being rebuilt with oil-tax proceeds.
But any tax-code tinkering should be done to boost the economy and create jobs.
Delta plans tax refunds for fliers who flew while federal ticket taxes were suspended.
Get ready for another round in the great tax debate.
But these so-called sin taxes should play a bigger role in our tax code, as well.
One way to interpret their answer is that they think tax rates are more important than deficits by a factor of more than ten.
But it doesn't necessarily deserve such uncommon treatment in our tax code.
We tax capital gains and dividends and business profits.
First, he fails to recognize that the capital gains tax is already double taxation, so its relatively low rate is justified.
But the payroll tax is a direct tax on work and workers-on jobs per se.
If private-equity firms are as good at remaking companies as they claim, they don't need tax loopholes to make money.
Colonial newspapers, burdened by a new tax, floridly staged their demise.
Patents, as is often said, create a tax on innovation.
We are replacing the current tax code with oranges.
And, of course, travel costs are not tax-deductible if you don't itemize your deductions.
The sales tax has nothing to do with the restaurant's product or service.
It is a mortal sin to use the tax word irrespective of the cause or worthiness of the need.
The conflict was even more egregious a few years ago when, as budget minister, he was also the state's head tax collector.
The tax cuts are skewed heavily toward the affluent.
Demos finally have come up with a counter proposal to our tax program.
He was also not above entering into risky, tax-sheltered oil and gas deals with much smaller investors.
Nearly every receipt is here-she kept them for tax purposes.
Not one realized that his financial statements and tax returns were a tissue of lies.
Focusing on safe alternatives is the better use of our collective tax dollars.
However, the problem is the proposed plan to cap and tax emissions.
The rest comes from investors, attracted by what amounts to a tax shelter.
All this stuff about tax money not being used because some people don't agree with it.
We were promised that the tax cuts would be allowed to expire if the the deficit returned.
Of course in the long term it will cost the tax payer a whole lot more due to the cost of replacing all those police vehicles.
Gifts are tax deductible and students send personal thank you notes.
To offset some of these price increases, the budget includes provisions to use some of the auction revenue for tax relief.
We tax the stuff they can't compete with us on and create higher prices here so people can afford to buy less stuff.
How about you pay a volunteer tax or buy your own solar panels and do your part.
The countries also have tax policies that heavily favor electric vehicles.
But they are the preferred way to get hesitant capital in motion without making full financial commitments with tax dollars.
They have motorcycle-sized engines and certain tax advantages.
Federal tax deposits must be made by electronic funds transfer.
Most find that the federal tax code is too complicated for them to prepare their own taxes.
Those who do not obtain insurance must pay a penalty in the form of a special tax.
He uses the tax bureau and the tax police to harry opponents.
The owners of small family businesses may have tax advantages when they incorporate and speak through their corporations.
The lopsided tax cuts are misleadingly presented as benefiting us all.
Removing the gas tax would be a disaster for our roads, which are already crumbling.

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