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How to rejuvenate and transform overgrown, tangled shrubs.
They had blown into another row of oysters and gotten tangled.
The whole tangled relationship between professionals and amateurs is fascinating.
It's all tangled together, of course, this sense of being unequal to the task of making it through the day.
Mangroves are tangled orchards of spindly shrubs that thrive in the interface between land and sea.
The tangled web of autism symptoms and genetic markers has left researchers searching for patterns and trends in unusual places.
The birds get tangled in longline hooks, which are baited with squid and other tasty morsels.
One way sharks occasionally meet their doom is by getting tangled up in long-line fishing gear.
The strands straighten out when pulled, but they relax back to their tangled shape when the tension is released.
The story of the drug's development is a tangled tale of inconclusive studies, regulatory hurdles and commercial motives.
Tangled, ghostly limbs barely tickle the water's surface from below.
What an oddly tangled web he appears to have weaved.
In the glue, they noticed tangled fiber webs that resembled those found in blood clots.
In other words, our perception will be a tangled subjective blend of facts and feelings.
Turtles are getting tangled in plastic bags and are suffocating.
He is neither the first nor the last to be tangled up there.
Sometimes these animals get tangled up in garbage and die.
Manatees might also become tangled up in fishing lines.
We head for a low forest, only to find it's a tangled thicket of bushes and bamboo.
Pythons are effective predators on land and in the water and have even tangled with alligators such as this one.
It was lingering near the couple's remains, which were tangled up in their ruined tent.
Prentice takes you into brush so thick and tangled you have to crawl.
Of course, when the game is over you can step out of the tangled web of yarn and go back to your seat.
But tags and butterflies got tangled and sticky, and many of the insects couldn't stay airborne.
Fishing line trails from broken rods tangled in driftwood.
The crew dared not go farther for fear of getting the tether tangled in overhead obstructions.
We started with it going the other direction, but the cord got tangled when you moved your arm.
And, best of all, the cables are flat so they never get tangled.
Can get tangled in lamp cords, shoelaces and other stringy things.
Meet the members of the tangled human family tree.
Undiscovered shipwrecks are often strewn with tangled fishing nets and line, a dangerous hazard to divers.
Through tangled dells or o'er the mountain's height.
All night she stayed in a tangled place weaving her spells.
Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine, tangled web-work from the eaves.
Yet these imperfect elements are tangled in a fine net of charm.
And vail its tangled whorls, and thou shalt walk on daisies pied.
Quotas are too blunt a tool for such a tangled problem.
As the system has grown more tangled, tougher regulation has only made things worse.
Tangled vines wrap around palm trees whose high canopy filters the tropic sun.
The night blazes with thousands of stars tangled into every tree.
The cause of the blast was unknown but the tangled wreckage of a car was outside one building.
There are other reports that the sharks would sometimes slip off of the platform and get tangled in a bed of seaweed.
They need to keep it moving, less you get tangled up in their business.
He then pulls from his own tangled history, and heals her.
There are two points here, easily tangled up in one another.
Some got tangled in wires and cranes, or were dragged down or killed by the impacts of the waves.
The fate of these manuscripts is an obscure and tangled story.
He seemed tongue-tied and tangled up in his own lines.
Ancient elegance and new opulence are all tangled up in a dazzling blur of op and pop.
Those fibers, however, are so small and tangled that researchers haven't been able to see them clearly.
Charger cables are usually tangled in nests near outlets or behind desks.
The two faces of energy are the primary reason why energy policy is so controversial and tangled.
It is all too easy to get tangled up in terminology, technicalities, or the controversies of the moment.
She seems foreign and beyond reach with her elliptical syntax and her unusually tangled metaphors.
Not one of them was barking and they got tangled up in our feet.
Current improvised arrangements for command and control are a tangled web.
Once the war was written across it in a tangled scribble of heroic vapour trails.
Each pairing set off a chain reaction, the strings of connection growing ever more tangled and frayed.
The bright-blond thatch of hair is long gone, replaced by the tangled beard of a prophet.
Their hair is tangled and their bare feet are as thick and gray as shoes.
Our photocopied fortune slips we'd find in muddy clogs in storm drains, tangled with advertising flyers, unheeded.
The ship then came upon a clump of tangled vegetation.
In the video you can see the messy, disorganized loops getting more and more tangled up.
Near sunspots the magnetic field lines get tangled and can suddenly erupt, hurling that energy into space.
Stream lines form a tangled web in this image derived from a set of data on water flow.
Wire had the advantage of producing high quality sound, but the hair-thin wire easily tangled.
Plastic bags can get tangled around our equipment and cause damage.
Eventually, they may become tangled in coastal structures or reefs, where they can do even more damage.
Silly putty is made of long flexible molecules all tangled up.
It twines around and over other plants forming dense, tangled thickets under which few plants can survive.
Scarves should not be worn because they can become tangled or caught in a rope tow or chair lift and cause choking.
Foliage is covered with silvery, tangled, and spreading hairs.
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