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If you run the loose end of the cord underneath the knot, the tangle will come undone.
The place is a tangle of lips and tongues and hands, all groping and exploring.
He swiftly set to work to straighten out the tangle and give the firm's best bits some breathing room.
Also found were an ax with a copper blade, two arrows, and a tangle of string.
Certain activities with obviously positive aspects, such as skiing and winter tourism, have created a tangle of drawbacks.
The strands may loop and twist, but they never cross and tangle.
The new self-coiling hoses won't tangle or kink, and they store neatly, but they aren't flawless.
Read with a suitably cold eye, they also remind us that personal history and myth want to tangle and merge.
Cheetahs are usually too smart to tangle with hyenas.
If this great tangle of brick and steel and cement and tun-.
The top is a tangle of branches and is virtually impossible to see into from the ground.
From a global economic perspective, a tangle of such deals is far inferior to freer multilateral trade.
It has an arm, cameras and laser scanners for eyes, and a tangle of electrical intestines stuffed into its base.
We seemed to be hiking through a limitless tangle of branches and leaves.
Stows conveniently in a self-contained package, despite the tangle of cords it uses.
His head, a tangle of gray-streaked curls, rests on a pile of pillows.
No more cables connecting the whole thing that tangle a soldier up.
In another is a white telescope dome and a gray tangle of poles used to observe the ionosphere's properties.
To enhance the richness, it comes with a tangle of perfect, skinny fries.
And the expansion of waterside farms, which hippos often raid, has increased the risk that the animals will tangle with people.
The reasons for his action have been lost in a confounding tangle of furtive transactions and deliberately destroyed evidence.
Coral and sea-fan and tangle, the blooms and the palms of the ocean.
The head and upper part of the body were hidden by a tangle of creeper.
And o'er the weltering tangle a glimmering light is shed.
They broke through a tangle of plants and shrubs, and came out on an open path.
Under that dense tangle of branches one would be out of sight of the stars.
Told in detail, their political history is but the unraveling of a tangle of faction fights and intrigues.
There were many similar, although smaller, villages and little clusters of houses among the cliffs of this tangle of canyons.
Inside the retina, tucked away at the back of the eye, lies an incredibly dense tangle of interconnected neurons.
The far right has learned not to tangle with educated people in the courts or even in state legislatures, by and large.
After burning the plastic sheathing off a tangle of used copper wires, the merchants sell the metal to earn a few pesetas.
Located in a transition zone, where the dry forest meets the wet forest, the inn sits amid a lush tangle of trees and plants.
To keep your new rope grim and tangle free, a rope bag is included.
It belongs to the self-respect of intellect to pursue every tangle of thought to its final unravelment.
Mopeds with their exhaust tinting the air blue and bicycles piled high with cordwood tangle the streets.
The case is a disconcerting tangle of speculation and uncertainty.
The country currently operates under a tangle of different state banking laws.
Anyone patient enough to weed through the tangle of contemporary work finds an impressive and diverse range of new poetry.
He wanted to tangle her in conversation and keep her there for hours.
Monster's durable, ingenious anti-tangle cable means jumbled cords are a distant unpleasant memory.
The malformed protein molecules then tangle up to form amyloid plaques.
It was hoped these would tangle the virus particles up.
The bill aims to accomplish all this through a tangle of new regulations, taxes and subsidies.
The upshot of this extraordinary tangle is paralysis in government, and disgust on the street.
It seems there is a slight tangle between consumers interests and environmental interests.
Instruments tangle along invisible lines of scrimmage.
Her hair was a tangle of white-blond cotton candy streaked with pink.
Mine is a tangle of them, and it's only getting worse.
The other side of the disease is the tangle, made of a protein called tau.
Flip up the hood, and instead of an engine there's a tangle of cables and computers.
The crucial structure of the kidneys is the nephron, a microscopic tangle of capillaries and membranes.
Above him the forest soars in a green tangle of branches, leaves, and vines.
Take out the worm and you'd see a central hole with a connected tangle of thin tunnels.
In other words, there's no simple solution to the fact that nature can be quite the tangle, more so in some cases than others.
It erupted from a tangle of overlapping yet conflicting urges, which would be fitted out with later rationalizations.
To keep framing intelligent questions, historians need to construct forms that give meaning to the tangle of human experience.
The barrier, which is mud in places and a tangle of razor wire in others, now extends along more than half the border.
Providers get paid through a tangle of insurance-company agreements and billing schedules that change from patient to patient.
The flower was barely perceptible amid the tangle of his long and now gray hair.
During this torrid time of the year, hoses may be a garden's lifeline but they also kink, tangle and trip.
Wire hangers tangle the machinery at the recycling plant.
Tangle nets are constructed of multi-stranded nylon.
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