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So far the effort to tackle global warming has achieved little.
He's a right tackle with fairly limited drive-blocking power.
Yet another bipartisan panel gets ready to tackle the deficit.
With more people now falling sick from malaria than ever before, the need to tackle it has never been so urgent.
Researchers tackle a mysterious genetic phenomenon.
Join the local bikers, hikers and rollerbladers who tackle the pieces of the path.
Some people are able to tackle those problems head-on, without any apparent fear or hesitation.
He can play defensive tackle or defensive end, but has generally lined up inside throughout his career.
Why strategies to tackle climate change will boost the economy.
Yet modern readers barely have time to read their e-mail, let alone tackle a million word masterpiece.
Sometimes a tatty garden space looks almost too dismal to tackle.
History shows it isn't necessary to have an elite left tackle to win.
We uses our comprehensive expertise and creative innovation to tackle the tough issues facing our communities and society.
Maybe it will be late to tackle the climate change problem when an agreement is reached.
And the still life with fruit is one of the first subjects art students tackle.
It may inspire you to finally tackle your own side yard.
Old fishing tackle is fairly new as a collectible, and it's still quite plentiful.
Anybody who wants to bring gender equity to science has many issues to tackle.
We will need to put in the requisite resources to tackle this problem.
The need to tackle global climate change and energy security makes developing alternatives to fossil fuels crucial.
Why they originated in the first place, however, has been a much trickier subject to tackle.
He kept a fishing tackle box full of cloud negatives for enlivening lackluster skies.
The company will likely tackle diesel and jet fuel next, and it may have a significant advantage.
But it does so without doing much to tackle the deeper problems of uneven quality and soaring costs.
And as you get older, you not only can learn new tricks, you also should tackle mental challenges to help yourself stay sharp.
New procedures had therefore been put into place to tackle this threat.
Still true today as it was then that typifies the best in entrepreneurial spirit to tackle tough problems.
State intervention has so far failed to tackle serial criminals, while pointlessly and expensively locking up too many petty ones.
New museum exhibits tackle explaining--and solving--global warming.
Deep divides on how best to tackle the problem exist between developed countries.
Volunteers needed the birds to gain strength before they could tackle the cause of the penguins' misery: oiled feathers.
Although politicians have long been aware of this gap, government efforts to tackle it have accomplished little.
In order to tackle this two-part dilemma, the world must employ a mix of energy sources.
Millions of people enjoy surfing, but it takes a special kind of athlete to tackle the biggest swells.
Greed is not only good but can also do great good- if, that is, there are clear incentives to tackle the big global challenges.
Those dogs will tackle any job as long as the reward is playtime when they're done.
The new president must take bold steps, right away, to tackle the nation s energy challenge.
Fifty-three percent of the plants may be able to tackle more than one disease.
Today's hierarchical pyramid isn't equipped to tackle tomorrow's challenges.
Guests can hike or swim in warm weather and tackle winter sports such as cross-country skiing in the cold.
As you can tell by the kick-off question, the goal is to tackle some pretty broad concepts.
Next time you find yourself in a bad mood, don't try to put on a happy face-instead tackle a project that has been stymieing you.
For the first time in any strategy game, two players will have a chance to tackle a campaign side by side.
But others address the kinds of issues that the politicians have been too timid to tackle or too gridlocked to resolve.
It has recommended a ten-point action plan to tackle the problem.
Barron also discusses how presidents tackle controversial issues.
Others argue that bribery by leading business groups remains deeply rooted and that no president has had the courage to tackle it.
Candidates in next month's general election are wooing the city's voters with vows to tackle crime.
Another thing you can do is offer to tackle the revisions for the next submission.
Informational panels tackle topics such as reproduction and conservation with elan.
Before the fire, unions tended to tackle owners individually.
So the president will probably be in a stronger position to tackle his country's acute financial problems.
Yet the best pilots have need of mariners, besides sails, anchor and other tackle.
Usually tried to tackle them head on, often stopped cars with merciful drivers.
They were obliged to throw the dead walruses and their chests and tackle out upon the ice.
Time to take an afternoon, sift through the cookbooks on my shelf and get out of my cooking comfort zone and tackle new things.
All three of us are experienced climbers, but the terrain was as difficult as any of us dared tackle without ropes and hardware.
Building a circuit, making catapults and using a block and tackle are all part of the adventure.
Yet many colleges remain slow to react to that threat, and have failed to tackle security issues with appropriate vigor.
It is less pleasant, however, to tackle the divisiveness and rancor of countrymen and kin.
Scientists have thus been searching fervently for better ways to identify and tackle anthrax.
Yet by concentrating, your brain can muster the neural tools it needs to tackle a complex problem.
The meeting revealed a broad consensus that the best short-term strategy is to tackle and eliminate the animal disease.
Our philosophy is to tackle issues with a forward-looking, uniquely global perspective.
He understands that they could have chosen to tackle their problems in a less evil manner.
The unit is expected to develop and implement a national strategy to tackle poor literacy and numeracy among adults.
There is no reason-yet-to doubt his promise to tackle the budget deficit once the crisis subsides.
Nor has it known how to tackle problems as they flare up.
He recently attacked both main parties in the election for failing to tackle declining productivity.
Indeed, the team found that people tackle the same problems differently.
Agriculture reforms, sadly have been the biggest hurdle which no government has been able to tackle.
Society needs highly trained critical thinkers to tackle complex problems with rigour and research skills.
He argues that the recession only adds urgency, as there is no way to tackle long-term deficits without fixing health care.
He too blames rural violence chiefly on local bosses, and insists it is the central government's job to tackle them.
But running deficits for longer is perhaps not the best way to tackle it.
Both countries, however, are initiating new steps to tackle the growing infections.
Some rod-and-tackle catfish anglers consider noodling unsportsmanlike.
Large organizations have been trying to tackle this problem for years.
Nissan plans to tackle these concerns by providing information--and lots of it--to help drivers manage the recharging process.
These kinds of hydrodynamic problems are notoriously difficult to tackle.
There are some commercial technologies that try to tackle the problem of the obstructed photodetector.
To tackle these problems, the researchers first configured the software that converts the audio to text.
But to see exactly how, these guys will have to tackle bigger quantum networks, something they clearly have on their radar.
Browser makers have started to tackle history stealing by limiting the number of links a site can check every second.
The team had to tackle a number of challenges while developing the procedure.
Not many have the patience, or courage, to tackle the road ahead when it winds through human biology.
He's willing to tackle any idea, and he has lots of ideas.
Physics, however, will tackle biology on a different level.
Equally, one can doubt the government's resolve to tackle corruption, a problem it has helped create.
Traditional historians have been slow to tackle the secret side of history.
There is a limit to the number of confusions one can tackle in a single review.
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