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But the entire final segment of the show was a long tribute to a deceased academic.
Universities should also pay tribute to faculty members who are successful at nurturing diverse ideas and student involvement.
Only now are efforts under way to pay him fitting tribute in the city in which he lived and worked all his adult life.
It is a uniquely naïve tribute to mutual ministration.
But sometimes one city would establish an ascendancy over others and exact tribute from their population.
References are a natural way for writers to pay tribute to peers and predecessors.
Nothing in the way of a salute to his contributions or a tribute to his life's work and accomplishments.
Instead, they so often seem to be intended as triggers for conversation or canvases of tribute and celebration.
It's a tribute to the art of investigative journalism and it sets an incredibly high benchmark for future non-fiction writing.
The result, including works never seen by modern scholars, is a dazzling tribute to one of the world's great civilizations.
But if you need a refresher for where things stand, check last year's tribute to the best of adventure.
They also built palaces and homes for the nobility, who collected tribute from them, as well as labor.
The regal-ritual city operated on a moneyless economy, relying on tribute and taxation.
Yet some cities that offered no resistance escaped with payment of a tribute and with looting by the army-standard practices.
He said that the proper tribute to them was to live up to their own high expectations of our nation.
And at this level the book is above all a tribute to those who suffer, and make others suffer, for their art.
They pay a tribute of unearned interest to the private bankers for lending money into existence.
Today corporate social responsibility, if it is nothing else, is the tribute that capitalism everywhere pays to virtue.
They had to have tribute paid to them so misfortune did not befall you.
It is also a touching tribute to his partner, who introduced him to crossword puzzles in the first place.
Almost every present and tribute is from a foreign business.
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