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Example sentences for THORNS

For example, some plants have large, hollow thorns in which the ants keep their brood.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
Sculptured iron splinters form a motif of barbed-wire thorns at the entranceway.
Cuts, abrasions and punctures in the skin caused by thorns, spines and hairy appendages in the plants.
If your tree has thorns, then it may be a hawthorn tree.
Thorns have no adequate remedy at law resulting in irreparable injury.
Raspberry thorns sting the fingers long after raspberries are gone.
Both stems and branches have long, sharp thorns with no leaves or buds on the thorns.
Plant bushes with thorns or prickly leaves under ground-level windows to make access more difficult for burglars.
On the left side of the painting a spider monkey holds a piece of the thorns that encircle her neck.
There are several drops of blood on her neck from the piercing thorns.
Honey locust can produce numerous thorns that are capable of puncturing implement tires.
Shrikes have the unique habit of impaling their prey on thorns or barb-wired fences.
Roses often have beautiful and fragrant flowers, but the stems have thorns, or prickles.
Other organisms harmful to corals, such as crown-of-thorns starfish, multiply when the species that prey on them are removed.
The flower buds of the cholla can be roasted and eaten after the thorns are removed.
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