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These examples both describe the theft of intellectual or creative labor.
Preventing car theft may have precipitated a reduction in other crimes.
Admittedly, newspaper theft ranks low on the scale of evil acts.
Shover received the felony charge as this was his fifth retail theft offense.
Tiny identification dots are being sprayed on cars, cameras and other valuables to combat theft.
Further, any theft of seed by corporations is an overarching crime on all its fronts.
He was arrested and charged with retail theft and public drunkenness.
Wal-Mart says the tags will help reduce theft and counterfeiting, the latter particularly affecting prescription medicines.
Don't keep the flash drive in the computer case, in case of theft.
So there's nothing wrong with calling this exploitation, or to be more precise, theft.
Keep arguing, keep talking, procrastination will be the theft of our future.
And outright theft is not unheard of, as the poor seek to fill their drinking vessels and the rich their swimming pools.
There is not intellectual theft going on, but there is intellectual dishonesty.
One of the more pressing issues facing companies today is how to protect their intellectual property from theft.
We must spread the word of this nefarious theft of idea.
Another would be the economic belief that profit has some other origin than theft.
Yet though burglaries are down, violent crime is not, notably thuggery unlinked to theft.
Thus, the money they got was not a return on their investments, but merely old-fashioned theft.
Drunken fights and petty theft occurred alongside the anger over poverty and police brutality.
Echoing a theme of beneficiaries, the misappropriation and theft of food has resulted in a loss of food relief.
But prayer as a means to effect a private end is theft and meanness.
Perhaps the age of content theft is coming to an end.
There were also reports of army involvement in ballot stuffing, multiple voting, and theft of ballot boxes.
Theft became ordinary too, as did falsehood and fabrication.
The monetary cost, grossly inflated by theft and corruption, is another matter.
The gadget also serves as a theft prevention device.
His office estimates metal theft is costing the state's economy millions of dollars each year.
Chrysler has come up an interesting idea in vehicle theft protection.
Surprisingly for a country with a generally low regard for intellectual property, format theft is uncommon.
Thus they do not see a redistribution of property from private hands into their own as theft but as their right.
Now, stories abound of youths resorting to robbery or theft to procure another virtual fix at a gaming joint.
Home insurance policies are probably not adequate to cover the loss or theft of jewelry.
At some point during the vehicle theft, police said, it may have been involved in a crash.
Property crimes include theft, auto theft and arson.
The statistics show that bicycle theft is on the rise.
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