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Yet over that period, long-term bond yields have fallen to historically low levels.
There was a reason her students who turned in lame term papers could also churn out perfectly fine blogs.
There are many other and varied uses for this term and not only in the biological sense.
Not only that, cities may be one of the best options for the long-term viability of the species.
The people is a political term, not to be confused with the public.
The derivation of the term is not usually understood.
Longer-term or extended-stay residences, which were developed decades ago, used to mean only corporate housing near office parks.
What is more alarming is the long-term unemployment rate.
In many countries long-term unemployment has soared both in absolute terms and as a proportion of total joblessness.
And, long-term growth in outlays is a far bigger source of concern than short-term countercyclical spending.
Long-term unemployment is harder to cure, as people's skills atrophy and they become detached from the workforce.
But trading cannot drive prices up in the long term since for every buy, there is a sell.
While that's fine for long-run policymaking, it will make for disappointing results in the short to medium-term.
It does nothing to support the near-term economic outlook, and makes less progress on long-term fiscal consolidation than hoped.
The net cost-and hence the net addition to long-term public debt-will be much smaller.
Its ultra-low bond yields are a sign that the world's investors still think it a good long-term bet.
Among money-market mutual funds, which invest in short-term debt and other instruments, it is the other way round.
But over the longer term, the textile industry faces a grim calculus.
Second, there is a difference between short-term correlations and long-term ones.
When he came into office, he was hopeful that he could orchestrate a peace treaty before the end of his first term.
So they have developed the short-term market instead.
But it's not all about oil or indeed the short term.
Mid-term elections do not normally generate such histrionic imagery.
The result is a short-term resource grab that destroys longer-term productivity.
The long-term goal is to print a functioning spacecraft in a seemingly weightless environment.
Shorter term climate changes have proven equally devastating.
So why use the term evolved for something that hardly exists.
Psychological impacts of long-term separation anxiety.
But they might presage crises more reliably than a focus on the short term.
The term was used to indicate that the symptoms of psychopathy were based on social processes.
To be sure, the appeal of shared interests may be specific to long-term relationships.
Weight gain, for instance, involves a long-term state where caloric intake exceeds expenditure.
Such conversations can drain your energy and contribute to feelings of resentment and lethargy as the new term begins.
Appointment to these positions will initially be made on a fixed-term contract of two years.
The third phase is the crisis of long-term unemployment.
As his second term was drawing to a close there were rumors that he was not disinclined to be a candidate for another term.
The system as a whole may well be better served by having a systematic counterweight to maximizing short-term profits.
The second is the need to consider not short term consequences or long-term consequences, but interim consequences.
In the short term a transition to renewables might reduce their companies' profit margins.
The term integrative medicine refers to the conjunction of these practices with mainstream medical care.
The findings fit with numerous studies supporting a long-term global warming trend.
New research suggests migratory birds develop excellent long-term memories.
Some remains are in the form of rock art-a general term for the pecking, incising, or painting of designs onto rock surfaces.
Extended lunar stays build the experience and expertise needed for the long-term space missions required to visit other planets.
Poverty must be addressed, but unbridled development will only bring short-term relief.
Ketamine bladder syndrome is a newly discovered consequence of long term use.
Many animals may die, suffer long-term ailments, or even navigate back to their native but oily waters.
Experts were trying to determine if that could cause long-term damage.
Longer-term alternatives such as construction of a bridge or a ferry system were shelved.
That's why it's important to ask someone exactly what they mean when they use the term.
Herring gets his recruits, thus solving the short-term problem of an understaffed local police unit.
Alex recalled one week during his junior year when he had four term papers due.
At the moment, though, short-term rates are already near zero and can't be cut further.
Though unlikely to succeed in the short term, the new treatment might be valuable in the long term.
She has never had a long-term relationship with a recording label, and she has never had a press agent.
Settling for a tolerable short-term future, newspapers could end up writing themselves out of the long-term one.
Her prison term was long enough to have taught her, as she says, that she could get into tough situations and manage.
The term initially seemed to suggest something faintly indecent.
In the nineteen-eighties, he helped pioneer the field of virtual reality, and he is often credited with having coined the term.
In the short term, all that matters is what measures are taken next.
Until recently, long-term memories were thought to be physically etched into our brain, permanent and unchanging.
The term has faded from public consciousness-but not the environment.
He calls himself an unusual symptoms investigator, his term for a doctor who picks up where other doctors fail.
The long-term upward trend of global warming, mostly driven by greenhouse gas emissions, is continuing.
In the long term, that sort of thing can help create exactly the sort of food crisis we're suffering right now.
Some believe they may be a manifestation of a long-term cyclical trend.
One of the quickest and easiest ways to sniff out a bot is to test a chatter's medium-term memory.
The long-term goal is to fabricate the device using conventional low-cost roll-to-roll printing.
The systems are also kept as part of on-site weather stations used for longer-term wind forecasting.
While the devices are safe in the short term, they can cause damage to the muscle if used over decades.
Where water is used to control fly ash, flooding and leaching can cause long term serious environmental damage.
The harsh reality is that coal represents a short-term solution.
With an initial lower cost for led lights, it means the long term savings will be even bigger.
Scientists don't know much about the long-term health effects of repeatedly volunteering for such studies.
These hits could result not only in concussions but also long-term brain damage.
From an economic, standpoint copyright and patent laws are granting monopolies to people in a much smaller sense of the term.
My inability to have a long-term intimate relationship.
He's an environmentalist, but that term alone doesn't relate his vision for business.
It was an insurance policy, typically on a corporate bond, with periodic premium payments and a fixed term.
Foreign dealers, while welcomed for sales, were not trusted enough for long-term relationships.
Since then he has studiously avoided long-term entanglements.
Long-term relationships with lawyers and accountants were severed.
There is a single presiding judge, drawn from a pool of three on a rotating basis for a two-year term of unusual pressure.
If the private sector sheds jobs and long-term unemployment becomes a problem, you begin hiring workers directly.
Long-term sustainability would remain a problem to be solved.
Long-term relationships hold a key to deeper levels.
It's based on changing your lifestyle habits quickly and sustaining those healthy changes for the long term.
None of the plans appreciably affect people who are already retired or will retire in the near term.
At the same time, the world faces a long-term climate crisis.
Long-term interest rates are notching higher, a clear sign that some perceive the investment climate as riskier.
But with rents cheap, they're opening short-term stores for the holidays.
The odd, vivid term sometimes used for it was backbiting.
Information on how to pick the short term investment that fits your needs.
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