TARDY in a sentence

Example sentences for TARDY

Of course there will be exceptions when you have no choice but to be tardy.
Nonetheless, her government's response has been criticised as tardy and ineffective.
The scanner records when she's tardy or absent and even plays a song for her birthday.
These tardy firms continue to over-promise and under-deliver.
Instead, it is the authorities' limp and tardy response to a number of worrying trends that seems to have spooked the markets.
To some, the official reaction was both tardy and excessive.
So expect much tardy reflection among politicians about the police.
In retrospect the studio appears unforgivably tardy.
They've paid for their tardy arrival to the shale gas business.
The disease, being severe, the remedy must be both powerful and tardy.
The government's agenda is unambitious, and its reaction to events often tardy and fumbling.
Some can absorb knowledge, the more tardy must sweat for it.
No tardy enactment of law, no political expedient, can close it.
Braddock was sent down earlier this month after his sleep disorder led to him being tardy on multiple occasions.
Why its release here should be tardy is a puzzler to us.
Better be punctual: your second tardy return gets you booted from the system.
The length was not a matter of pregnant pauses or tardy transitions.
The claimant's reason for being tardy is therefore an important consideration.
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