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Hazards there will always be in pioneering, but these are but an item in the sum total of the price of progress.
That's the thing about high-energy physics: the total is different than the sum of its parts.
And the solicitation isn't the sum total of his marketing.
As a result, the sum total of all the domains gives the piece a zero magnetic moment.
If companies had to insure for coverage of the total sum, the cost of power produced would be inflated by several hundred percent.
Simple to prepare, and a typical end to a dim sum meal, but the key is freshness of the greens.
To sum up, e-mail is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but not so good as a source of information.
But that sum does not include an unusually structured retirement plan that is part of his benefits.
When introducing hierarchy then all these infinities sum up to a finite value.
Take back to green or shade house and broken up and the seed taken with sum dung on it and planted in tubes.
If there's enough response, we'll sum it up in a future blog.
One way to find out is to measure the amount of rainfall everywhere and sum it up.
Lewis was carrying a sum of money in gold coin, which was never found.
When you sum the two components, the resultant velocity may be slightly more than light speed.
Sometimes a recipe, especially a historical one, is more than the sum of its instructions.
The best picture books are the ones in which the pictures and the words add up to something more than the sum of their parts.
And this goes for the predominant, yet insufficient to predict much, functional sum and fire model.
In it, a proposal is made to the subject to unevenly split a sum of money.
The wand is a button alongside a given sum that opens up a visual representation of the number underneath the sum.
Here he explored the extent to which a simple sum or an average can be computed outside the pale of consciousness.
The combined impact is almost twice that of the sum of each gas individually.
Encourage students to pause after they read each section to sum up the main idea.
Sum up your qualifications, attach a resume, and ask that they keep you mind if they need staff.
Point out the three sentences that sum up main ideas from the story.
Hence to find the size of the number square each of its parts, add the two squared values and take the square root of the sum.
And they are part of a civilization that is more than the sum of its individual participants.
Then stop to sum up what you learn about green sea turtles.
Sum up the main points that the story makes about the topic.
Explain that one way is to stop at the end of each paragraph and sum up what they read.
And since everyone in your position also thinks he deserves a huge sum, the venture quickly becomes unviable.
Here, a chart of movie star glances aims to sum up the beauty of the eye.
There is no relation between a sum of money and a work of art: a work of art is neither above nor below money: it is outside it.
Public events had produced an immense sum of misery to private citizens.
But it's being treated as an inconceivable sum, far beyond anything that could possibly be handled.
The debate centres not on whether all technology simplifies or complicates, but on the end sum.
There is much more to a human brain than the sum of its parts.
The result of the combination of effort and intelligence is a product, not a sum.
It is a zero-sum game of a project growing at the expense of another.
They are violent, and practice absurdist economics of stone-age zero-sum games.
My community has income-based charity care which will hopefully reduce our bill to a much more manageable sum.
Dim sum does not refer to a particular dish, but rather a collection of small plates or snack foods.
Benefits are typically paid out in a lump sum once the employee leaves or retires.
Dimensional length is the sum of the object's length, height and width.
The sum is worth much, much more than its parts here.
Which means the future of books is eclectic and diverse, not zero-sum.
Whether they add up to more than the sum of their parts is a judgment.
Add up all the benefits that dogs provide us and compare that sum with the costs, and it is not a rational bargain on our part.
But that's to be expected when you're talking about the sum of all knowledge and information in the world.
What better way to sum up that idea than explore people's spaces: their homes, their places of work, their hangout spots.
It's a paltry sum-roughly two months' earnings for an adult weaver.
In sum, she was a great writer but also a fortunate one.
HP spent a record sum of money on this campaign, and the positive feedback was enormous.
People are struggling to improve their status, and feel happier if they succeed, but the race for status goods is zero-sum.
Adolescence is a complicated time, and maybe no single snapshot can sum it up.
The loss of a language isn't a trivial matter, its the loss of the sum knowledge and experience of a culture.
They then have a little more than a second to pick the set that is the sum of the previous two pictures.
One of two partners is given a sum of money and told that he must offer some amount of his own choosing to his partner.
The sum of all life on this planet is a single organism.
The bigger point is that sum can become more than the parts as motivated individuals pool information in a coordinated fashion.
To sum up my take is an unguided photo otherwise the stars in the corners would not be blurred.
But, one must not confuse these strands of a religion with the sum totality of the religion.
The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
For example, a circle and a diamond combined to form a wavy rectangle, while the sum of two circles was a diamond.
Unfortunately, it's not a zero sum game where you take from one to fund another by the same amount.
The sum of the light from the sun and the light reflected back from the sky is white.
And its annual revenues exceed the sum of those other three leagues combined.
The average table game player doesn't get carded unless they are buying in a large sum.
And grants can turn a scary sticker price into a more manageable sum.
In the currency market, investing only a small amount of money can give the trader control over a far larger sum.
Brits and pseudo-Brits, in sum, have lost this franchise.
The bond may express penal sum as a percentage of the bid price.
It will provide information which you will need to understand the residual lump-sum.
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