Suburbanization in a sentence

Example sentences for Suburbanization

Urbanization gave way to suburbanization, and with it the universal threat of loneliness.
Suburbanization created all sorts of new demand for automobiles and television sets and durable goods.
For decades, suburbanization removed productive agriculture from the landscape unnecessarily.
And with upward mobility, or suburbanization, there came also a notable shift in ethical sensibility.
The suburbanization of poverty and help for struggling families.
Suburbanization has been an ongoing and continuous process in many communities.
Loss of habitat as a result of conversion of rangeland to irrigated land and, in some areas, loss of habitat to suburbanization.
These are but a few of the impacts that go along with suburbanization.
Repopulation of urban centers and continued suburbanization will increase municipal water demand.
With streetcar lines improving transit, suburbanization could extend as far as demand would take it.
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