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He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth.
Writer believes that he is fortunate to have been born with a strong, healthy body.
He also spent a lot of time picturing himself healthy and visualizing good strong blood cells destroying the cancer in his body.
Adult weevils are considered strong fliers, venturing more than a half-mile in search of host trees.
As it happens, the prop bears a strong resemblance to scores of crystal skulls in museum collections around the world.
They were trying to identify short film clips that could reliably elicit a strong emotional response in laboratory settings.
Anyone who has ever smelled a durian fruit can tell you that it smells mighty strong.
Exceptionally strong currents divided the populations.
Here, wind-whipped tides can build seas big enough to capsize small boats and currents strong enough to drive big ships aground.
Due to heavy rains and strong winds, serious damage has been wrought on the historic structures.
Everything can be going good for awhile, finances are strong, everyone's enjoying it.
There is a correlation between strong unions and student achievement.
Ask students why they think it's a good idea for people to build strong, sturdy buildings.
The leopard is so strong and comfortable in trees that it often hauls its kills into the branches.
However, few animals showed a strong preference for any particular elephant skull over another.
Projects must also show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation.
Strong emotion in these scenes will set winning pictures apart.
The strong bill was useful for ripping leaves from plants.
Those who have migrated, or moved, to your community often have a unique perspective and a strong impact on the community.
Each company has a strong lineup of vehicles with few weaknesses.
The symptoms of those infected include attacks of optimism, strong feelings of community, and lowered stress levels.
Yahoo also has strong web media holdings, through both licensed and original content.
Both languages are mature and well-designed, with strong support communities.
Between them, consumers and employees have made a strong business case for sustainability.
Moreover, digital convergence allows a company with a strong brand in one area to move more easily into another.
Construction and services are boosted by strong domestic demand.
Consumer demand is still strong and unemployment at a record low.
Strong public finances have let him reduce taxes on the low-paid and bring in a tax credit.
They should particularly seek firms with a strong dividend yield.
By then, it is hoped, the economy will be strong enough to withstand it.
Despite their strong handshakes and leadership training, businessmen are skittish creatures, easily demoralised and deterred.
So, although sufferers said that they could not see them, their brains were actually showing strong recognition responses.
They would then have a strong incentive to nurture long-term quality.
The former has been put down to social effects, such as a strong tradition of valuing education.
Supporters retort that people with strong religious convictions respect faith, whatever its form.
The strong market for graduates stands in contrast with the weakness in the labor market generally.
Economists say the service sector received a boost from strong new orders the previous month.
The body is strong, and of well-marked prismoid form.
The rescue mission was further complicated by repeated strong aftershocks and wet, chilly conditions overnight.
Enrollments remained strong this year, and reported graduation rates didn't budge.
Such an achievement requires a strong educational underpinning, especially at its universities.
My letter is strong and expresses nothing but a positive overview of her performance.
It is also a more artistically ambitious piece, which carries some risk of strong reaction.
Marketing, advertising, and public relations were also expecting to see strong hiring growth.
No one can deny that there is a strong lean to the left in higher ed, for better or for worse.
And sometimes cooking leaches out overly strong or gnarly flavors.
In short, the link between yawning and empathizing appears strong.
Some roofs-typically older ones-may not be strong enough to handle the weight.
The result, according to the researchers, is a composite plastic that is light and transparent but as strong as steel.
And our strong feelings about one thing can spread to another.
When the cables get whacked by an especially strong rain or snow storm the insulation may not block all of the moisture.
Both shells are strong, allow for protection, attachment of muscles and resist dissolution in water.
But the fierce interest in language usage remains as strong as ever.
By high school, the compounded effects of the strong teacher-or the weak one-would become too great.
Strong and lightweight, the metal also had one crucial drawback: it could not be worked by hammering, the way iron could.
The temptation must have been strong to load his inaugural address with everything he had been wanting to say.
It struck me, though, that there was also a strong undercurrent of frustration with your being so dependent upon loved ones.
Glee's sophomore season started off strong with a snappy, fast-paced episode focused on reestablishing the status quo.
As precommitment devices go, however, the debt limit is both too weak and too strong.
Essentially, a well-disguised variation on the strong-side blitz.
The economy needs strong doses of both fiscal and monetary policy.
It wasn't long before people began to notice the strong resemblance and comment on it.
The violet had to serve as a link between these two strong flavors-as a reverberation of spring.
They had a strong friendship, based on a shared desire.
Still, a strong correlation does not prove causality.
The leader of the pod catches the telltale speckled light of armored squid, moving in an immense shoal a thousand strong.
If gravity were too strong, the universe would have collapsed long before life could have evolved.
Lewis has been going strong for six years-touring relentlessly during that time-and she fully intends to stay.
It reflected, to be polite, a strong imaginative vision.
When the other guy is strong and you are weak, you try to behave yourself.
Which proves that, yes, sorcerers have strong powers but do not know the difference between fact and urban legend.
More often, foot soldiers defeated the charge by moving out of the way of the horses or by occupying strong defensive positions.
Until she denies it, her want equals the other's want and gives strong presence to both figures.
The sort of thoroughgoing changes required will take government action, which in turn will require strong public pressure.
Lacking a strong positive ideology, and built up on flimsy networks of personal loyalty, it has nothing to make it coherent.
The other thing not to miss is the importance of a strong social safety net.
Future teachers have a strong academic education for three years, then enter a two-year master's degree program.
But it's been difficult to design strong adhesives that can be lifted back up again.
How to make strong, conductive fibers hundreds of meters long.
We never go anywhere unless we're invited--that translates to having a strong partner within that community.
And although the signal is less strong, right-handed spirals appear more frequently in the south.
Interesting article, advertising seems to evoke strong negative reactions in the readers.
The size and expense of typical nuclear magnetic resonance imagers is dictated by the need for a strong magnet.
They are regions of space in which gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape.
They may need additional sizing and surface finishing, but they are nearly as strong as metal billet materials.
Economists are quick to point out that a weak dollar doesn't necessarily mean a strong yen.
But there were strong crosscurrents of change in some big cities.
Catastrophic is too strong a word, but it was going to be a big problem.
It was in a swimming pool that she had stretched her limbs after her knee operations and made them strong again.
Dings, dents, strong odors and ugly stains are all signs that someone has not been treating the car well.
Unfortunately, strong motion data has never been easy to acquire.

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