Storm door in a sentence

Example sentences for Storm door

AN alternative to the functional, although not particularly decorative, aluminum storm door might be a storm door made of wood.
Adding a storm door can be a good investment if your existing door is old but still in good condition.
Second, they reduce heat conduction through the door by creating an insulated air space between the door and the storm door.
She had to cut a shoelace that had been secured between the storm door and the inside main door.
The weather took a dramatic turn in the third week when the storm door opened and precipitation was widespread statewide.
The suspects opened the storm door and let themselves inside.
He indicated he had also called the police department about his missing floor jack and storm door.
If the existing storm door is aluminum, consider painting it to match existing door.
He opened the storm door at the back of the house and found the interior door was ajar.
Because the storm door had no damage, the shooter would have been between the storm door and the wooden door.
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