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They have devised a method that might stop the plaques from forming in the first place.
We need to stop messing w/ the natural processes that evolution has put into place.
Some professors go beyond honor codes to stop misuse of electronic devices.
Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people.
They don't stop spreading when you stop releasing them.
Several teams are currently studying how prion disease progresses in animals to find a way to stop it.
It's easy by car, or it's a demanding four hours by bike-if you don't stop.
Stop fertilizing them, and set them outdoors for several hours each day in a wind-sheltered spot that receives filtered light.
One idea is that if you swerve back and forth while stopping, you will increase the distance over which you stop.
The way to stop concrete cracking is to bung up small cracks before they enlarge.
So as pack leader, you have to condition him when to start and when to stop.
New principles can stop us from dumping on minorities and the poor.
Stop making it harder on yourself and your customers and do the smart thing.
Absolutely nothing to stop it racing to the street as fast as it can flow.
That's when it comes time to stop thinking and start seeing.
Drinking and not drinking for an alcoholic has never been about will power or knowing when to stop.
If you're satisfied with plain creamed honey, you could stop here.
But the trouble doesn't stop there, it goes right across the food web.
What works to stop phantom limb pain also works for other pain syndromes.
Kudzu is totally out of control, and there is no easy or inexpensive way to stop it.
They hoped the cold water would harden the lava and stop it.
Without enough to eat, they stop reproducing as well.
Make sure to stop for a picnic, wine sampling, and tour of the harvest of your choice.
Hockey players give up their bodies to stop the puck.
Small space and a modest budget shouldn't stop you from having a great backyard.
Finding their helpers inside human cells may yield drugs that stop pandemics.
If your brakes can't stop your engine you have a serious brake problem.
When they become overgrown and stop blooming well, it's time to dig up clumping perennials and cut them apart.
It even turns the pages automatically and keeps going until you tap with two fingers to stop it.
Chilling before fruit is ready to eat can stop the ripening process.
Square, and it's almost a miracle if travelers can resist the temptation to stop.
Tell them to stop when they get to the postcard and write you a note as if they were at their favorite stop.
Otherwise, it's up to the employer's discretion to stop it or not.
Essential first stop for maps, advice, and guided hikes and other activities.
Once you do get tenure, and you're eminent and older, you'll stop being invisible.
As you might expect, there are places to stop for food and water along the way.
You're late, the traffic is a nightmare and you're yelling at the kids to stop fighting in the back.
However, without the reactor, the sub would not have had enough power to stop itself from sinking to the bottom.
Then a pickup truck blew through a stop sign, totaling our vehicle.
How clean, green atomic energy can stop global warming.
If you were smart enough to be where you are, you're smart enough to figure out how to stop taking your career for granted.
Still, she refused to sit in the other car and got off the train at the next stop.
Fox sought an injunction to stop production until the rights dispute was cleared.
Although it was relatively easy to start walking and change direction, it was harder to slow down and stop.
Stop duplicating efforts, and stop paying providers for a service that already exists.
Silhouette, fearing damage to its upmarket brand, sued to stop the sale.
Of course the smarter approach is to stop to play barbaric sports.
Once he hears the camera shutter stop clicking, he strikes a new pose.
Stop often to watch foamy waves crashing over the rocks and sea otters at play.
It is a lucrative business, unlikely to stop for long.
Without substantial efforts, if players stop diving and leaping and batting the ball.
The right to withdraw simply means that donors can stop providing samples at any time, he found.
Stop the coal ash and clean it up and health insurance costs will dramatically drop.
He made arrangements with a friend to drive me in his station wagon to the bus stop.
Or she can stop at any number of inviting spots in-between.
But you can't stop the tide, and complaining bitterly about it will do you no good.
When leaves begin to yellow and wilt in fall, gradually reduce watering and stop fertilizing.
Once the migraine process has started, it usually requires medication to stop the headache.
When flowering tapers off and leaves start to yellow, stop watering the plants and allow the foliage to die back.
At the end of the line, the subway creaks to a stop a few yards short of the yellow crash bumper.
Yet the threat of a disaster does not always stop it from happening.
But in some places, it happens less than before, and there is a chance to stop it altogether.
Others need to learn from it if they are to stop the carnage.
The other three codons are signals to stop making the chain.
Even after the recession ends few rich countries will be running budgets tight enough to stop their debt from rising further.
It is surprising then that no one came along to stop the party sooner.
But some have come from ambitious younger figures, despairing at their elders' inability to stop the rot.
There are also two big problems that may stop differential pricing going much further.
In a city acutely short of water, several parks use plastic to stop seepage.
Now here's the bad news: unless you learn how to stop one of these brakeless wonders, you're pretty much dead.
With the data fusillade focused on a single port, the engineers could study it, even if they couldn't stop it.
Only if the system of rewards is changed will the avalanche stop.
Here's the thing: no one wants to constantly stop a student discussion.
Stop thinking of research as being primarily about books.
We all have to stop taking workplace stuff so personally.
But this requires you to either set up and maintain stop loss orders or monitor the stocks constantly.
In tough economies, people who were looking for work become discouraged and stop.
New research aims to stop turbines from killing bats and birds.
Stop cutting off their tops to get to the coal and minerals underneath.
The other whales start to dive and our boat slows to a stop.
If this quite simple point is difficult to be understand, let stop the forum.
Stop being jealous and go do something to better your life.
After about a decade, she said, she had to stop harvesting.
Ridge soaring is the way of gliding that allows higher speeds since a pilot rarely has to stop and climb.
His global experiences inform his urgent quest to stop climate change and conserve global water resources.
Certainly progress in photography is not going to stop.
Many employers think the law is ludicrous and fought to stop it.
If non-Indians stop writing about us they'll have to publish us instead.
Of course, dispersants won't do anything to stop the leak.
Taxpayers have a ways to go before they can stop worrying about the automaker.
Well, she sent him back for her luggage when she heard you was willing for her to stop here.
Her husband would not stop teasing her about her excessive haste.
He is not one of the chorus-he does not stop for any regulation-he is the president of regulation.
His interest did not stop at politics, nor at carrying through the reforms he had at heart.
To know when to stop is almost as important as to know where to begin and how to proceed.
Powerful flukes can propel a whale for many days without a single stop.
Wildlife groups are trying to persuade people around the world to stop buying ivory.
Even when you stop the egg from spinning, the liquid inside keeps turning because it is not attached to the shell.
F-stop matters somewhat less than is generally taught.
Catfish moving violently, chickens that stop laying eggs and bees leaving their hive in a panic have been reported.
Earthquakes stop when there isn't enough energy to keep them going.
Everybody debates when to stop calling it an aftershock.
If the train doesn't stop, it may plunge into a ravine.
One would yawn and then the others would yawn and then stop where they were.
If the drug turns out to be ineffective, it will stop on its own.
Use cotton canvas bags starting today as a way to stop the plastic pollution that is becoming a major threat to the environment.
New lightweight vests for cops and soldiers that can stop any bullet.
For several years, citrus growers thought that removing infected plants could stop the disease.
In addition, humans breathe through their mouth or nose and the brain controls that critical function, so breathing would stop.
In fact heat must be continually removed from the freezing water or the freezing process will stop.
We need to stop allowing excuses to self medicate with marijuana the same as any other pharmaceuticals.
While you have managed to stop insulting other commentators personally, you continue to insult us collectively.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to an ice bath to stop cooking.
Carefully remove chicken from pot with a large slotted spoon and plunge into ice water to stop cooking.
Drain and transfer to a bowl of cold water to stop cooking.
Sandor believes that one way to reduce pollution is to make it so costly to polluters that they stop.
And stop to admire a bicycle chained to a parking meter.
The manager had bad news: the lab was under orders, effective immediately, to stop handling such film.
He couldn't explain it, actually-but that didn't stop him from justifying it.
For some people, all this is a reason to stop in often.
The new material can be poured over a site and will stop the bleeding almost at once.
Researchers boost growth of muscle stem cells to stop age-related muscle deterioration.
It makes it possible to stop the production of a protein and restart it again.
Some experts believe that a multipronged approach is needed to stop phishing sites.
Because of this, the battery can stop working altogether after only a few dozen cycles.
And violating their rights by scanning them cannot possibly be used as suspicion alone to stop and search them.
It allowed them to stop using cow dung for their cooking fire.
These results are shocking when you stop to think about them.
Geckos use their tails to stop themselves from falling, and to land safely if they do.
All three needed anti-psychotic drugs to stop the episodes.
The luminous eyes stop scanning the faces around him to concentrate on the screen linked to his speech synthesizer.
Infection had set in, and the conventional therapies--antibiotics and surgical removal of dead tissue--had failed to stop it.
There is no good reason to think this increase will suddenly stop.
Even if they come up with something to stop the parasite, they fear, the parasite will evolve a way around the vaccine.
You'd also have to stop the spread of the trees beyond designated zones, so they don't become invasive species.
Don't let old science that our medical people rely on to stop you from achieving a normal life.
Elsewhere he is permitted to stop up his ears and sink into willful ignorance.
It will stop when the living standards in these other countries catch up with ours.
Until now, the authorities have not been able to stop her.
Poetic invention begins in duplicity, but it does not stop there.
All this did not stop both sides from conducting hostile propaganda and occasional acts of sabotage against each other.
She tells them they must never give up, never stop trying.
But the real star is the stop-motion animation itself, beautiful to look at and executed with a deliberately spastic wit.
Now it's a necessary stop on any summer blockbuster's publicity blitz.
But not even a name cast could stop it from being unceremoniously dumped to home video a year after its planned release.
There's little that will stop the others from growing into healthy trees within the first year.
The vodka drinking did not stop, and he added a new ingredient to the mix: cocaine.
The point is, they are able to stop taking it eventually.
Physical activity can be something as simple as walking to the bus stop.
If you or someone you know is being bullied, there are things you can do to stop the bullying.
Whether or not you have been bullied, there are things you can do to stop bullying.
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